Adler Trail

Walking beneath the wings of an eagle

The Adler, or Eagle's Trail, is a major hiking route that spans the entire region of Tirol. Uniformly signposted, well marked and described in detail, it leads directly through the stunning natural landscapes of Zillertal. The main route alone, the course of which resembles the outstretched wings of an eagle, can be covered in 31 stages over 23,000 metres in altitude difference.


Every stage is full of special attractions, incredible features and high points - a truly wonderful walking experience, where you will feel your spirits rise as you drink in the spectacular surroundings and feel the nurturing benefits of being at one with nature. Hiking in the mountains of Tirol - not only an unparalleled experience of nature, but a fascinating encounter with the culture and history of the region.


Four stages of this legendary trail can be found in the Mayrhofen - Hippach holiday resort in Zillertal .


Stage 1 - Z5

From way up high down a steep descent
Rastkogelhütte – Rastkogel – Wanglspitze – Penkenjoch – Finkenberg

Up to the Sidanjoch Ridge, over crests and rolling meadows, gently rising to just before the start of the real ascent to the Rastkogel, through hollows and a steep final passage. Return down a short section of the same trail, cross the ridge down to the Hoarbergjoch and through the ski area to the Wanglspitze Peak. Down to the Wanglalm and a comfortable walk to the Penkenjoch, followed by a brisk descent past the Penkenhaus to Astegg and down to Finkenberg.


Detailed Route Profile

Stage 2 - Z6

Through unspoilt landscapes to the climbing village Finkenberg – Gamshütte – Gamsgrube – Ginzling

A steep ascent from Finkenberg, mostly on trails (Hermann-Hecht-Trail) and through the forest along a winding path to the Gamshütte. Short descent along the same route and then along the Georg-Herholtz- Trail, over mostly steep terrain and many bends through the forest down to the Gamsgrube mountain hut. Carry on along the orographical left bank of the Zemm River towards the village of Ginzling.


Detailed Route Profile

Stage 3 - Z7

Climbing with Style
Ginzling – Breitlahner – Berliner Hütte

From Ginzling up the old valley trail („Von Karlsteg bis Breitlahner“ theme path), gently rising through the Zemm Valley to the Breitlahner Alpine Guest House (alternatively, take the the bus from Ginzling to Breitlahner). Continue on foot through the Zemmgrund Valley on the road or footpath to the Berliner Hütte (only moderately steep).


Detailed Route Profile

Stage 4 - Z8

From Glaciers to Lakes
Berliner Hütte – Schönbichler Horn – Furtschaglhaus – Schlegeisspeicher

From the Berliner Hut, cross the north westen moraine of the Waxeggkees, steep ascent (secured by ropes at the last part) to the saddle of the Schönbichler Horn. Very short climb to the summit, return to the saddle and descend in a south westerly direction (secured by ropes initially) to the Furtschaglhaus. Brisk descent to the Furtschaglboden, on to the Schlegeis Reservoir and basically follow the trail along the western shore of the lake to the dam.


Detailed Route Profile


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