Nasenwand via Ferrata
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Nasenwand via Ferrata at the National park

Ginzling has yet another climbing attraction

The shortest access route up to the new Nasenwand Via Ferrata begins in the centre of the village, just a few metres from the National Park Centre at the Gasthaus Neue Post.

The starting point at 1,050 m is just a couple of minutes walk along the existing footpath to Ginzling’s own mountain, the Drisnter. From there, there's an ascent of approx. 400 m and a climb of 500 m as far as the historically interesting Floitenschlag to the finish at 1,450 m.


The climbing route with safety cables and footholds has a degree of difficulty corresponding to category "C-E" in the middle to upper range. In particular, its length and the level of exposure make it a really demanding "Via Ferrata".


The steep track goes through thin mountain forest and across outcrops of rock; and climbers have an impressive view over the mountaineering village during the entire course of the climb, which compensates for all the effort needed.


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