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Pfeilspitzwand via Ferrata

A few facts on the via Ferrata

  • Target group: Advanced
  • Grade of difficulty: B/C+
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Atiltude difference: 250 m
  • Cable length: 480 m

The new Pfeilspitzwand via Ferrata was officially opened in June 2011.


The access point to the Pfeilspitzwand via Ferrata can be found around 100 metres down-valley from the supply lift for Gasthaus Zimmereben on the existing trail leading to Schwendau. An easily passable, but exposed rock passage marks the beginning of this new via Ferrata. This is the longest of the three via Ferrate that lead to Gasthaus Zimmereben, with around 700 metres of climbing and 300 metres in altitude difference.


Several very beautiful passages and easily negotiable vertical sections of rock face, as well as fantastic views over Mayrhofen and the neighbouring Zimmereben via Ferrate are some of the special features that characterize this particular via Ferrata.


The grade of difficulty ranges from sections that can be simply walked, to short D- sections, but mainly comprises of between grades B and C. The Pfeilspitzwand via Ferrata is more or less halfway between the levels of difficulty of the existing via Verrate, and therefore a great addition to the resort. From the exit, a new hiking trail leads downhill to Gasthaus Zimmereben in around 5 minutes.


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