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There is always something going on in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region.

Take advantage of the information on all our events whilst planning your holiday.

Hooo-Ruck-Festival during the "Almabtrieb"

01.10.2014 - 05.10.2014
ErlebnisSennerei Dairy Zillertal

The ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal Dairy traditionally celebrates the "Almabtrieb" together with the Mayrhofnern and Erwin Aschenwald.

The Hooo-Ruck-Festival will be offering a top class programme of events again in 2014.

Autumn Festival in the Berghof Guest Garden

03.10.2014 - 05.10.2014

Three days full of entertainment at the Berghof Guest Garden!


The following bands will be playing at the Autumn Festival:



  • Friday, 3rd October 2014: "Haderlumpen"
    Admission € 8,--, Begin: 20.00 hrs, doors open: 18.00 hrs
  • Saturday, 4th October 2014: "Ursprung Buam"
    Admission € 8,--, Begin: 20.00 hrs, doors open: 18.00 hrs
  • Sunday, 5th October 2014: "Brunch with Zillertalsound"
    Free admission, begin: 11.00 hrs




Information on when each event begins and admission prices are available directly from Hotel Berghof.

Da Schippedupfer

03.10.2014 - 28.11.2014


Hippach Folks Theatre presents thier new piece, "Da Schippedupfer" by Peter Landstorfer (in German)


Hippach Folk Theatre presents their current piece, "Da Schippedupfer" (in German)

The men of Scheidlfing are gearing up for their annual "Schippedupfer" trip to Haiperting. The ladies of the village, on the other hand, are preparing for their annual pilgrimage.

Everything seems to be going to plan, until pastor Mendus Pockamayr suddenly decides to join this year's Schippedupfen trip. He pretends to the women that he has been urgently summoned to administer the last rites to a sick person and can no longer participate in the pilgrimage. But his little fib is only the beginning of a never-ending string of excuses, white lies and confusion.

DATES 2014:

  • Premiere: Friday, 26. September 2014
  • Friday 03. October 2014
  • Friday 10. October 2014
  • Friday 17. October 2014
  • Friday 24. October 2014
  • Friday 31. October 2014
  • Friday 07. November 2014
  • Friday 14. November 2014
  • Friday 21. November 2014
  • Friday 28. November 2014

Advance ticket sales from Gerti Sandhofer under 0664/5539553

Cheese & Music

03.10.2014, 15:00
ErlebnisSennerei Dairy Zillertal

Every Friday from June to October, the ErlebnisSennerei Dairy Zillertal invites you to join them for a pleasant afternoon with music!


During the summer months, Zillertal music groups perform every Friday (from 15 to 18 hrs) at the ErlebnisSennerei Daiary Zillertal.


06.06.- Die Mayrhofner
13.06. - Zellberg Buam
20.06. - Ursprung Buam
27.06. - Die Jungen Zellberger

04.07. - Marc Pircher & Band
11.07. - Die Mayrhofner
18.07. - Zillertal Pur
25.07. - Freddy Pfister Band

01.08. - Zillertal Sound
08.08. - Die Mayrhofner
15.08. - Ursprung Buam
22.08. - Zellberg Buam
29.08. - Ursprung Buam

05.09. - Zillertaler Haderlumpen
12.09. - Zellberg Buam
19.09. - Zillertaler Haderlumpen
26.09. - Ursprung Buam

03.10. - Brunch and "Cheese & Music" with the Zellberg Buam

Further information and reservations under Tel.: +43(0)5285/62713-30 or


Events Calendar 2014 ErlebnisSennerei Dairy Zillertal

- Music royalties paid - programme subject to change -

Extensive Almabtrieb - Cattle Drive - Celebrations in Mayrhofen


Visitors can expect a varied festival programme down the length of the High Street from circa 10.00 hrs, with local delicacies, traditional music, whipcracking, national costume and traditional dance groups as well as market stalls selling local products.


Around 400 heads of cattle will be returning to the valley from Stilluptal, Tuxertal and Ginzling.

We expect the first cows to arrive around 12.00 midday and the last to be herded through at circa 15.00 hrs.


More information:

++43 (0)5285 6760


Almabtrieb at the Bruggerstube


Almabtrieb festivities will be taking place at the Bruggerstube in Hollenzen on the 4th October.  


Begin: 11.00 hrs

Almabtrieb at the Larcherhof


Traditional Almabtrieb (cattle drive) celebrations will be taking palce on the 4th October 2014 at the Larcherhof/Larchergut Farm 

Begin: 11.00 hrs with Live-Music

Almabtrieb at Hub'n Bauer


Almabtrib celebrations 2014 will be taking place on the 4th October at the Hub'n Bauer in Laimach/Hippach. 


Begin: 11.00 hrs 

Zillertaler Hay Farmers Festival

11.10.2014 - 12.10.2014
ErlebnisSennerei Dairy Zillertal

The "Hay Farmer's Festival" will be taking place again this year at the Zillertal Sennerei Dairy in honour of all the hay milk farmers.

Murder Mystery Dinner at Europahaus Mayrhofen 18.10. & 17.12.2014 & 12.03.2015

18.10.2014 - 12.03.2015



MURDER MYSTERY  "The mysterious amulet!" - Experience an exciting evening with a murder mystery dinner played out in Zillertal! (In German)


"The mysterious amulet!" Murder Mystery guarantees an exciting thriller night at the Europahaus in Mayrhofen.

The famous theatre company are rehearsing "The Blue Ribbon" by Agatha Christie in celebration of their 20th anniversary. Only close friends are invited to the dress rehearsals and it is no coincidence that Lord Alfred Mitchcock's mansion has been chosen as location. An unsolved murder took place here exactly 20 years ago.

But as the curtain rises, it all turns out differently after all. Can the premiere still take place?
Performed in German


  • 12. October 2014
  • 17. December 2014
  • 12. March 2015



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