Cattle Drive

Almabtrieb - Cattle Drive

The "Almabtrieb" takes place at the end of September/beginning of October. Cows adorned with magnificent headdresses and beautiful bells are driven down from the Alpine pastures.


The safe home coming of the farmers and their cattle is celebrated in the villages with great festivities.


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Anklöpfen - Advent Carol Singers

The nativity story is an important part of local custom during the advent period. For this reason, carol singers of all ages go from door to door dressed as shepherds to sing seasonal songs and read poems every Thursday evening during Advent.


This tradition is known as "Anklöpfeln"and anyone can take part. The Men"s Choir and members of the local brass band also perform in various locations in and around the town (church, Hotel Edenlehen, the village well at Hollenzen and the cemetary).





On the day before Epiphany a very strange custom takes place. Peculiar to upper Zillertal, local children and adults go from house to house wishing the inhabitants a happy new year. Years ago, they were given food for their good wishes and it was actually a form of begging.

Because they were embarrassed, farmers would hide their faces behind a mask before they called on their richer counterparts and were known as "Perchten".


This tradition is still practised today. Children go during the day and are given treats and/or money. The adults go in the evening and are given a glass of schnapps.


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