© Volksbühne Mayrhofen  

Mayrhofen Amateur Dramatics Society

Love to perform...

...to focus on playing a part, to work on and empathise with the role. To move, speak and gesticulate like the character in the play.
To totally absorb oneself in the role and convey that persona, rivetting audiences attention to what is being portrayed on stage. "There is quite simply nothing better than acting!"

Find out more about the Mayrhofen Amateur Dramatics Society here.

© Volksspielgruppe Hippach  

The "Hippach Folks Theatre" has constantly thrilled theatregoers with exciting performances year in year out.

Despite the fact they deliberately refrained from performing "Lederhosen stereotypes" and have increasingly concentrated on unpretentious, compelling plays.

Find out more about the Hippach Folks Theatre here.



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