Sales of local products
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Sales of Local Products

Welcoming Zillertal hospitality goes hand in hand here with hearty cuisine that stimulates both your apetite and your senses. The regional Zillertal specialities have long been the bearers of the deserved rating "Highly Recommended" amongst connoisseurs.

Take a piece of Zillertal back home with you, so you always have a little piece of holiday to hand.

Various specialities such as genuine famer"s schnapps, delicious honey, tasty cheese, traditional crafts and much more are all available to buy from local providers.


Zillertaler Bauernladen (Farm Shop)

Andrea Fankhauser
Dorf 3
6283 Hippach
Tel. +43.5282.55065

Bacon, sausage, schnapps, honey, bread, apple juice and many more food products, handmade slippers, handicrafts, wooden bowls - Buffets and gift baskets on request!

Wechselberger Josef & Theresia

Stockach 235
6283 Schwendau
Tel. +43.5285.62309

Organic eggs, fruit schnapps, master-wort schnapps, aniseed schnapps, pine cone schnapps, pumpkin jam (also available from the Farm Shop).

Wechselberger Johann

Stockach 234
6283 Schwendau

Only available from the Farm Shop: Fruit & Williams pear schnapps, master-wort schnapps, apple juice, herb salt, Moalach, elderflower liqueur, lemon balm liqueur.

Sporer Michael & Martina

Schwendberg 417
6283 Hippach
Tel. +43.5282.4152

Pear schnapps, master-wort & aniseed schnapps, handmade felt slippers, farm crafts (e.g. dust pans, wooden pan holders, rakes, children`s chairs, kneelers, pastry board), veal and young beef.

Sporer Hannes

Kleinschwendberg 272
6283 Schwendau
Tel. +43.5285.62915

Apricot, loquat, Williams pear, apple & plum schnapps, master-wort schnapps, fruit schnapps, grape schnapps, hones (also available from the Farm Shop). 
Sennerei Zillertal Dairy
Hollenzen 116
6290 Mayrhofen
Tel. +43.5285.63906
Delicious dairy products, for example Zillertal fresh milk, Graukäse cheese, ...
Schiestl Josef & Erna
Spielleiten 367
6283 Hippach
Tel. +43.5282.3695
Eggs, fruit, master-wort and pear schnapps.
Rössler Bee Keeping Products
Ramsau 114
6284 Ramsau
Tel. +43 (0)650/7570403
Real Zillertal honey, various bee products
Rauch Richard
Schwendau 138a
6283 Schwendau
Tel. +43.285.64200
Belly, ham and loin of bacon, pork sausage, Viennese sausage, smoked sausage, fresh pork and Angus beef - cured meats also available from the Farm Shop!
Rauch Johann
Schormis 102
6283 Schwendau
Tel. +43.5285.64675
Honey, beeswax candles & figures (also available from the Farm Shop).

Metzgerei Laimach (Butcher)

Gasthof Metzgerwirt

Laimach 190

6283 Hippach

Tel. +43 (0)5282/3059

Tyrolean products, sausage, smoked and fresh meat, various types of bacon gift wrapped.

Metzgerei Hans Gasser (Butcher)

Hauptstraße 475

6290 Mayrhofen

Tel. +43 (0)5285/62450

Original Zillertaler bacon: loin, streaky, mountain cheese, local schnapps, honey, jams and many gift ideas in stock.

Metzgerei Alois Kröll (Butcher)

Scheulingstraße 382

6290 Mayrhofen

Tel. +43 5285 62364

Original  "Schlegeis" bacon: loin, streaky, original Zillertal bacon: loin, streaky, premium, original Zillertal smoked sausages, homemade lamb and game sausages, local schnapps, various gift baskets filled individually
Geisler Richard
6290 Mayrhofen
Tel. +43.5285.8236
Fritz Veronika & Heinrich
Laubichl 158
6290 Mayrhofen
Tel. +43.5285.63413 or 64401
Goat"s milk, goat meat, young goat meat, goat"s milk cheese, cream cheese balls, natural goat"s yoghurt.
Eberharter Robert & Bettina
Schweinberg 40
6290 Mayrhofen
Tel. +43.5285.63317
Eggs, honey, fruit, pear & Williams pear, masterwort, herb, caraway, juniper, damson, pine, rowanberry & black elderberry schnapps.
Eberharter Michael & Hansjörg
Hollenzen 88
6290 Mayrhofen
Tel. +43.5285.63353 or 62788
Berg (mountain) cheese, Tilsiter, butter cheese (also available from the Farm Shop!)
Eberharter Maria
Brandach 222
6283 Hippach
Tel. +43.5282.2933
Handmade felt slippers, fruit, master-wort, juniper, aniseed & herbal schnapps, rowanberry & Williams pear schnapps, Pedigrohr handicrafts.
Dengg Josef & Emmi
Schwendberg 272
6283 Hippach
Tel. +43.5282.3637
Apple juice, fruit, pear & apple schnapps, master-wort schnapps, aniseed schnapps, apples (also available from the Farm Shop).
Rieser Martin, Ing. Mag.(FH)
Dornaustraße 615
6290 Mayrhofen
Tel: +43 (0)699/190.49.897
Organic farm fruit: apples, pears, plums, cherries;
Selected fruit schnapps: Williams, plum, apricot, rowan berry;
Traditional schnapps: Zillertale fruit, master-wort, pine cone, 6 x herb;
Specialities: Chanterelle schnapps, wild mushroom liqueur;



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