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The Zillertal Valley

Introducing this music loving holiday valley

Located in the province of Tirol, the Zillertal Valley branches away from the Inn Valley about 40 km east of Innsbruck. It is the widest southern tributary valley of the Inn Valley and extends from Strass in Zillertal to Mayrhofen, where it splits again into four tributary valleys; Zillergrund, Zemmgrund, Stillupptal and Tuxertal. The Gerlos Valley branches away from Zillertal in an easterly direction from Zell am Ziller.


A few facts

Communities: 25Surface area: 1,098 km²
Inhabitants: 33,424 according to Statistics Austria, Census 2001Length: 32 kilometres from Strass to Mayrhofen
Uphill incline of circa 100 metres from Strass to Mayrhofen


Mayrhofen's tributary valleys

  • Tuxertal: 17 kilometres
  • Stillupptal: 8 kilometres
  • Schlegeis: 29 kilometres
  • Zillergrund: 16 kilometres


Zell am Ziller's tributary valley
Gerlostal: 17 kilometres

550 to 3,509 metres above sea level


A piece of history: The "Ziller" River
Zillertal takes its' name from the Ziller River, which flows through the Zillertal Valley from south to north, joining the River Inn at the entrance to the valley in the town of Strass. The Ziller was officially recognized as a border river as early as 285 AD. Initially, it marked the border between the Roman provinces of Rhaetia and Noricum and, later, between Bavaria and Tirol


Even today it marks the divide between the dioceses of Salzburg and Innsbruck, which is visible to the eye when you know what you are looking for. The church steeples on the left side of the Ziller are predominantly red and those to the right are green. The green colour arises from the use of copper roof cladding which the (richer) diocese of Salzburg was able to use for their churches. The diocese of Brixen, which became the diocese of Innsbruck after the division of north and south Tirol wasn't as affluent as Salzburg and had to clad their church roofs more economically with red tiles.

There are four holiday regions in Zillertal

  • Die erste (first) Holiday Region
  • Zillertal Arena
  • Mayrhofen-Hippach Holiday Region
  • Tux & Finkenberg Holiday Region

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