Spannagel Caves
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Spannagel Caves

at the Hintertux Glacier

The Spannagel Caves at the Hintertux Glacier are an ideal day trip destination for all you daring adventurers out there. The entrance to these natural caves can be found at the Spannagel House.


Only 10 minutes away from Section 2 of the Zillertal Glacier Lifts, the caves are an incredible 10 km in length, making them the largest natural caves in Tirol. Wearing protective jackets and helmets, tours with a state-certified cave guide are a very special experience.

It is already well known that the main Alpine Ridge consists mainly of prehistoric rock. One particularly special geological feature, however, is a marble seam (crystalline limestone) that leads from Hintertux in a southerly direction to the Spannagel House. It is in this marble layer that the Spannagel Cave system and its many natural wonders can be found.


Children 4-5 yeas FREE
From 6-15 years € 6,00
Adults: € 12,--; with the activcard or with the guest card: € 10,50


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