Planetarium Schwaz

Planetarium Schwaz

Planetary movements, daily and annual trajectory of the stars, the sun, cosmic events such as solar or lunar eclipses as well as the unprecedented recent unmanned Mars landing are events that are analyzed at the Zeiss-Planetarium and explained in a simple and easy to understand manner.

A planetarium is a multimedia entertainment, cultural and educational institution that is attractive to people from all walks of life and ages for many different reasons.


Unlike an observatory, where the night skies are viewed directly through a telescope, in a planetarium the skies are artificially produced. This is achieved with the help of precision optical equipment, a 360° video system, sophisticated sound system and effects projectors, 8 metres in diameter and located in the projection dome.


The daily and annual trajectory of the stars, planetary movement and events taking place in our cosmos are presented and explained in our fully air conditioned domed hall.


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