Planetarium Königsleiten

Planetarium Königsleiten

For many visitors, their first look through a telescope is an unforgettable experience. The cloud bands of Jupiter, sparkling clusters of stars, Saturn"s ring and galaxies millions of light years away. Now what does this have to do with your holiday in Mayrhofen-Hippach?


Not far from Mayrhofen and Hippach you can explore the universe. Made possible by the Planetarium - Observatory at Königsleiten. Children"s shows and a diverse programme are waiting for you and your family.

Lean back in the Planetarium and see the first stars that appear as twilight falls. Lose yourself in a cloud of music and forget about your everyday worries. As the last rays of light disappear, the stars shine from the darkness in their natural splendour.


 During our Planetarium presentation, "The current night sky", we will show you how to find star constellations and what you can observe with our telescope on a clear night.



Sternwarte und Planetarium Königsleiten

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