Schnapps Distilleries
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Schnapps Makers

Schnapps made in Zillertal

Fruit schnapps has been produced for centuries in Zillertal by the fermentation of various raw materials and subsequent distillation.

There is a wide choice of schnapps distilleries in and around the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday resort where you can taste and buy this popular local product!



Schnapps Distillery

Erlebnisbrennerei Feldishütte

Possible at any time during bad weather; for groups as of 5 persons any time on request . 

Bühel 109
6283 Ramsau
Tel. +43.664.3446106

Stiegenhaushof Show Distillery
open daily - small fee charged
Schwendau Dorf 130
6283 Schwendau
Tel. +43.0664.1983150

Ausserummerland Schnapps Distillery

Schnapps tasting at any time!

Schwendberg 269
6283 Hippach
Tel. +43.5282.4178
Innerummerland Schnapps Distillery
Sales & sampling at any time - advance notice required for tours and demonstrations!

Innerummerland 272
6283 Hippach
Tel. +43.5282.50949

Schnapps sampling & sales - advance notice required!

Schweinberg 40
6290 Mayrhofen
Tel. +43.5285.63317

Tel. +43.664.4936002

Schnapsbrennerei Stiefelscherm
Sales & sampling on request.
Dornaustraße 615
6290 Mayrhofen
Tel: +43 (0)699/190 49 897



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