The Hanserhof

A rural cultural gem

The old Hanserhof bears witness to the craftsmanship of carpenters in bygone years in Zillertal. Gnarled balconies, rough beams and delicate carvings have withstood centuries of wind and weather in summer and winter..



It is hard to believe that the old balcony at the Hanserhof is over 500 years old.

During renovation work it was possible to ascertain that the oldest sections date back to the 15th Century! What can we read about times gone by in the deep furrows etched in the timber, what stories could these ancient beams tell us about life back then?


Craftsmen of bygone years were incredibly knowledgeable on the uses and processing of wood. It was common knowledge that felling trees according to moon phases influenced the properties of the timber. Timber that was harvested to specific dates was particularly robust or flame retardant.

The architectural development of the Hanserhof can be traced based on the wooden joints. The oldest parts date back to a Gothic construction phase in around 1495, where the corners were double joined. Each subsequent phase of renovation work was carried out much less elaborately. The eastern gable of the farmhouse dating back to late Gothic times is still perfectly preserved.

Roofs were traditionally clad with larch shingles. These were weighted down by cross bars and stones as weather protection - strong gusts of "Föhn" wind that would whip the shingles from the roofs are not uncommon in Brandberg. In recent years, craftsmen have returned to this labour intensive type of roof covering. This reflects a changing culture and deep rooted sense of tradition.
You will have the opportunity to learn more about the culture and people of this village during your stay in Brandberg (Tirol, Austria).



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