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in the Mayrhofen-Hippach Holiday Region

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As soon as important information arrives at the Tourist Board offices it will be published here.

Latest update 24.07.2014


The Mayrhofen-Hippach Tourist Board informs visitors of the current road or trail closures, as well as areas with limited access: 


  • Notice from Ginzling Mountain Rescue Services:
    Conditions on ridges and crossings in the high alpine areas are currently challenging and therefore potentially problematic for less experienced hikers. Steep snow fields of old, packed ice often cause problems for hikers and make orientation difficult, as trail markings are obscured.
    We therefore currently advise hikers against making high alpine tours, especially when they are not 100% sure of being able to cope with the prevailing conditions.
    During bad weather in particular, even small accidents at these altitudes may have fatal consequences!
    A ground rescue mission, for example, from Schönbichlerhorn can easily take 8-12 hours.
  • The bridge at Gasthof Hochsteg-Finkenberg is closed due to renovation work.
  • Due to the construction works (road damage repair) the Horberg Road will continue to be obstructed from 26th May, although negotiable for cars.
  • Due to consturction work along the panorama loop trail at Mount Penken short waiting periods are possible.  

    Details subject to change - no liability accepted for data supplied!



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