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Greizer Hut in Ginzling

My Friends at the Greizer Hut in Ginzling

After a long, cold winter, I am really looking forward to some sunshine, to summer and to hiking to the beautiful huts in the region of…

Mayrhofen's Side Valleys

Mayrhofen’s Side Valleys

If you look at a map, the Ziller Valley looks like a tree trunk, with its roots spread out to the south in all directions. The last of the major…

Marmot World in Kaltenbach

Peekaboo – where are you?

Wandering unsuspectingly through the mountain landscape, I kept hearing a kind of chirping sound. Sometimes it got louder, sometimes quieter. I…

Zillertaler Krapfen by Oma Gretl

Zillertaler Krapfen – Vlog by Oma Gretl

The recipe alone is often not enough to master the art of making Zillertaler Krapfen. So, I am thrilled that my colleague’s grandmother allowed us to…

The right equipment for via ferrata

Via Ferrata: Tips on planning ahead and equipment

Just by taking proper consideration of a few important points, you can have one of the best alpine experiences on a via ferrata. Essentially, your…

Zillertal Bier and the German purity regulations

Gauderfest Special: Zillertal Bier and the German purity regulations (Reinheitsgebot)

Leading up to the legendary Gauderfest in Zell am Ziller, everything at Zillertal Bier is focussed on the beer. The private brewery has been creating…

Golf in Uderns in Zillertal

Golf Equipment for Beginners

In 2014, an 18-hole golf course with a large covered driving range opened in Uderns in the Ziller Valley. The result was a sudden increased interest…

[Translate to en:] Brauchtum Zillertal, Tradition Zillertal, Familien im Zillertal, Mayrhofen

The Tradition of ‘Grasausläuten’: Snow be Gone!

For centuries a spring tradition has existed in Tirol which has one clear aim: to banish winter. And with it the snow and the ‘evil spirits’ of the…

Swarovski Crystal Worldsin Wattens

Multifaceted Mayrhofen, Glittering Worlds. A Day Out to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Off-season? In Mayrhofen? It doesn’t really exist. Actually, when the seasons are changing, there is so much to see and do here, and its often the…

Glacier.Worlds exhibition in the Naturparkhaus Zillertal

Gletscher.Welten (Glacial.Worlds) –Zillertal Alps High Alpine Nature Park

The multifunctional building is home to the administration of the Nature Park and the Ginzling division as well as being the information centre for…

The Benefits of Sport Massages

The Benefits of Sport Massages

Massages have existed for over 3000 years. And, over the years, various types and techniques of massage have been developed. Through kneading,…

[Translate to en:] Beilagen zum Kaiserschmarrn

What fruit condiment belongs with Kaiserschmarrn?

Kaiserschmarrn, a sweet dish of rich, chopped pancakes, is one of Austria’s most famous delicacies. But what accompaniment do diners like best with…