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Looking for adventures in the Zillertal Valley? So many are ready and waiting to be discovered – and so easy to find!


Europe's Best Snowpark: Penken Park in Mayrhofen

Penken Park in Mayrhofen saw off some stiff competition to be recognized as Europe's best Snowpark by Ridestore Magazine!


The Five Most Popular Christmas Carols

For children, advent seems to last forever. Their excitment for Christmas means that the wait is pure torture. Even if their thoughts are perhaps not…


Advent at the Forest Festival Area

The holiday resort of Mayrhofen-Hippach is delighted to invite both our visitors and residents to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the 10th Mayrhofen…


What is the Tradition behind the Decoration of Cows for the Almabtrieb (Cattle Drive)?

Every year in autumn, visitors and locals in Mayrhofen are treated to a spectacular and colourful display as the Ziller Valley farmers parade their…


The Ziller Valley Ranzen – Tyrolean Handicraft

The intricate, quill-embroidered leather Ranzen (cummerbund) is an important part of the traditional Ziller Valley costume. A Ranzen is constantly…


Recipe for Tyrolean Kaspressknödel

Tyrolean Kaspressknödel: a small, tasty and a century-old Tyrolean speciality.


A Bench with a View

For years my passion has been the mountains – in summer and in winter. The feeling of getting away from it all and the peace and tranquillity which…


Reach for the Alps! – Trekking the Berliner High Alpine Path

"Reach for the Alps!", encourages the Zillertal Alps High Alpine Nature Park in its summer brochure.


Summit Hike to the Ahornspitze

I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Today is the day that I tackle my first 3,000m peak!


The "Ewigen Jagdgründe" in Ginzling in the Ziller Valley

Climbing was and still is one of the most popular sports in the Ziller Valley. Climbers from far and wide come to Mayrhofen and Ginzling in pursuit of…


Matthias Schiestl: Mountain Guide in the Ziller Valley

A life without mountains would be simply unimaginable for Ziller Valley mountain guide, Matthias Schiestl. He turned his hobby into a career and has…