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SOCIALWEB is a creative agency with a focus on content production for film, image, text and podcasts: 4 members of staff, one dog, boundless creativity and incredible motivation. What is it that sets us apart from the rest?


No task is beneath us - be it surmounting the highest peak or riding down the most extreme trails. We’re even prepared to jump into ice-cold mountain water if that is what it takes. We experience the stories we write about at first hand, and wholeheartedly. Mayrhofen-Hippach is not just a little backdrop for us, but a never-ending adventure in which we constantly discover new things.


We tell readers about these encounters, impressions and challenges, in the hope that we bring people closer to this wonderful part of the world. We – a little bunch of unique personalities from different corners of Tyrol – all have our own perspectives, but our attention to detail is what unites and distinguishes us.


Together, we are SOCIALWEB.SOCIALWEB ist eine Kreativagentur mit Schwerpunkt Content-Produktion in Film, Bild, Text und Podcasts: 4 Mitarbeiter, ein Hund, grenzenlose Kreativität und unsagbare Motivation. Was uns ausmacht?


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