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Eagle's Stage Ahorn

The Birds of Prey Show at the Eagle's Stage Ahorn is a very special experience during your Zillertal holiday
© Mayrhofner Bergbahnen

When as many as 800 spectators hold their breath at the same time, you can really feel the excitement at the Eagle’s Stage Ahorn in Mayrhofen im Zillertal. That’s where the kings of the sky hover just inches above the heads of spectators before diving down to grab some bait, providing for some unforgettable moments at 2,000 meters above sea level. Accompanied by his wife Waltraud, Didi Wechselberger, manager of the highest-altitude Birds of Prey station in Europe, lets you experience these aerial acrobats up close and in action. 

You will get to observe eagles, owls, buzzards, falcons, and other majestic birds up close, marvel at their spectacular aerial acrobatics, and learn all about their skills and habits from our two falconers. The Eagle’s Stage Ahorn is a truly fascinating highlight and a must-see attraction of any visit to Mayrhofen in the summer!

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Erlebnis Sennerei Zillertal Dairy

Discover more about the FOOD cycle here with us!
© Sennerei Zillertal

…so you know where it comes from!
On behalf of all our hay milk farmers our Show Farm demonstrates the origins of high quality FOOD: hay milk derived from goats, sheep and cows, with an organic chicken coop and busy bees... Also equipped with a barn, mini tractors for children, relax zones & much more!

…so you know how it is made!
follow the entire production journey of processing hay milk into high quality hay milk products in our Show Dairy! Cheese, butter, yoghurt & more are created in a 6,000m² glazed production area, Visitors receive information via videos, display boards and audio guides in 6 languages!

…so you know what it tastes like!
enjoy spoonfuls of our hay milk & yoghurt diversity in the Show Dairy. And of course you can savour delicious treats from the Dairy Kitchen, with products from our dairy and show farm which focuses on regionality and seasonality, in the form of delicious and traditional delicacies.

The in-house shopis stocked with not only hay milk products from the ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal Dairy, but also honey from the Show Farm and a wide range of local produce and handicrafts. Everyone can enjoy a few pleasure-filled hours at the Erlebnissennerei Zillertal Dairy!

"It is all about understanding the importance of the origins, and how we treat our food." Family Kröll 

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Schlegeis Alpine Road

The 13.3 km long Schlegeis Alpine Road in Ginzling in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region leads you to a veritable hiking paradise in the Zillertal Alps.
© Paul Sürth

A walker´s paradise! South of Mayrhofen the journey begins on the Schlegeis Alpine Road, up into the midst of the Zillertal Alps and the 131 metre high, double curved, Schlegeis Dam Wall.

A masterpiece of technical engineering construction that can be inspected from the inside on regular tours of the dam wall. Not only that, the beautiful pine forests, sparkling waters of the Schlegeis Reservoir and eternal ice of the glacier will simply take your breath away.

The many walking paths and hiking trails that start at the reservoir are particularly popular.

The drive up the 13.3 km long Schlegeis Alpine Road takes around 45 minutes. (Height restriction for coaches: 3.60 m).

Opening Times & Prices

Schlegeis Reservoir: 
Length: 4 km
Surface area: 2,1 km²
Water capacity: 126.5 million m³
Energy capacity: 330 million KWh

Visit the Information Centre at the Mayrhofen power station daily from 08.00 to 17.00 hrs. Free admission. Guided tours on request!

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Strasser Häusl

Strasser House is the birthplace of the Strasser Children, who made the Christmas song, "Silent night - Holy night" world famous with their concert performances.
© Gemeinde Hippach

The nostalgic Strasser Häusl near Hippach in Zillertal looks at first like any other of the many old farm houses in Zillertal, were it not for the extraordinary story it holds of the Strasser Children, who made the Christmas song, "Silent night - Holy night" world famous with their concert performances.

It's as if time has stood still in the little hamlet of Laimach near Hippach. This ancient farmhouse, nestled on the meadow"s edge with smoke blackened beams, wide balcony and tiny wooden shutters has barely changed in appearance over the last 300 years.

Nowadays, the Strasser House is equipped with modern sanitary facilities. After a tour you can sit down in the cosy living room with coffee and cake and listen to many stories about the Strasser Children, the house itself and the lives of the Zillertal farmers. Where history elsewhere is often recreated and staged,  in the Strasser House it is very real and alive - and that is what makes a visit so special.

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Zillertaler Höhenstraße

The Zillertaler Höhenstraße offers an enchanting view of the Zillertal Alps and is one of Austria's most beautiful alpine roads.
© Erste Ferienregion im Zillertal - Joe Wörgötter

An unforgettable holiday experience - from 550 to 2,020 metres above sea level!

The Zillertaler Höhenstraße is one of the most beautiful alpine roads in Austria where visitors can enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the Zillertal Alps. The many inviting cafés and restaurants that line the route will look after you with some welcome refreshments. 

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Zillertalbahn Heritage Train

A ride on the Zillertal Railway is a fun experience for the whole family
© Günter Denoth

The Zillertalbahn Railway belongs to a time when travel with the train was an adventure. It is one of the most well knownworking narrow railway lines of our time. A ride on the Zillertal Railway is a fun experience for the whole family. 

Modern rail carriages operate every half hour and a scheduled bus service provide an extensive public transport service.

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Verbund - Hydro-Electric Power Plant

© Verbund

The main power station in Mayrhofen has produced around 670 million kWh of electric energy annually since 1970. It consists mainly of the Stillup Reservoir and a working water conduit that supplies water to the power plant in Mayrhofen.

The dam at the Stillup Reservoir lies at an altitude of 1,120 metres above sea level. This reservoir is located at the rear of the Stillup Valley, one of the subsidiary valleys that begins behind Mayrhofen.

6.6 million m³ of water is stored in the reservoir. The dam was built over a length of 480 metres with a central core of asphalt concrete

The dam and its base are constantly monitored for impermeability using a complex measuring system. The Stillup Reservoir is the key point of the Zemm-Ziller power plant group. It has a double function as reservoir for the Mayrhofen Power Plant as well as water supply from where the Rosshag and Häusling sub-power plants can pump water back into the Schelgeis and Zillergründl Reservoirs.

Six machine units with a combined power output of 345,000 kW are housed in the Power Plant, at the end of the Tuxer Strasse. One machine unit consists of a generator and double Pelton turbine.

Power plant type: annual storage power plant
In operation since: 1969/1970
Annual power output: approx. 670 million kwh
Conduit drop height: 469.7m

The Zemm-Ziller Power Plant Group consists essentially of two upper stages; the pump storage plants at Rosshag and Häusling with the Schelegies and Zillergründl Reservoirs, which are each located in one of the four subsidiary valleys behind Mayrhofen, as well as the main plant in Mayrhofen with its feeder reservoir, the Stillup.
Together with the Gunggl, Bösdornau and Tuxbach plants, the Zemm-Ziller power plant group has a combined output of 965.700 kW, plus 600.000 kW from the Rosshag and Häusling plants. This results in a power output range of over 1.5 million kW, making it the most powerful storage plant group in Austria. Annual production is around 1.7 billion kWh

Visit the Information Centre at the Mayrhofen power station daily from 08.30 to 17.00 hrs. Free admission. Guided tours on request! More information on group rates or the various plant tours (small, medium or large tour) is available from:

VERBUND Tourismus GmbH, Frau Andrea Gassner
T: +43 50313 25440
F: +43 50313 23209

Dairy Show Farm

at the ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal

The ErlebnisSennerei ZillertalDairy opened their new Show Farm in June 2015 to introduce more awareness on the origins of FOOD:

  • hay milk derived from goats, sheep and cows
  • organic chickens
  • honey suppliers - bees
  • pleasant relax zones
  • mini tractors for the children and much more.

ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal Dairy & Show Farm...

... much more

"River Art" Sculpture Trail

20 superb works of art can be admired while walking along the Ziller Promenade in Schwendau
© Kunstluss

After the 2nd Symposium of Art ended, the Ziller Promenade in Schwendau was enriched by ten new and impressive works of art. Titled "River Art", these artworks were officially presented to the Schwendau community in the summer of 2011 and can now be admired along banks of the Ziller River. In total, 20 superb works of art are now on display to visitors in a fascinating open air "Sculpture Gallery", set in the magnificent scenery of the Upper Zillertal Valley.

Each work of art is accompanied by a short description of the artist and his/her work.

Ziller Sculpture Trail

Nature's Ice Palace

Nature's Ice Palace at the Hintertux Glacier is a worldwide unique natural gem and an ideal day trip destination for the whole family
© Natur Eis Palast

Nature's Ice Palace at the Hintertux Glacier is a worldwide unique natural gem and an ideal day trip destination for the whole family.

Nature's Ice Palace at the Hintertux Glacier is a natural gem, unique worldwide and an ideal year round day trip destination for the whole family. The entrance to this ice cave is only a 3 to 4 minute walk from the top station o the Gletscherbus 3 cable car. On guided tours, visitors are asked to „Step inside!“ to this wonderful world deep beneath the ski slopes and discover a glacial crevasse with magical ice stalactites, giant sparkling ice crystals,frozen waterfalls and even a glacial lake.

Nature's Ice Palace has a constant temperature of 0° degrees 365 days of the year. Warm clothing and sturdy shoes are required for the tour, which is easy to negotiate - even wearing ski boots. A visit to Nature's Ice Palace can be easily combined with a ski day on the Hintertux Glacier or with a trip to enjoy the views from the Panorama Terrace. The ice cave is open all year round and can be visited in any weather.

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Spannagel Caves

Measuring 10 kilometres in length, the Spannagel Caves under the Hintertux Glacier are some of Tyrol's largest natural caves
© Spannagelhöhle

The Spannagel Caves at Hintertux Glacier are an ideal day trip destination for all you daring adventurers out there. The entrance to these natural caves can be found at the Spannagel House.

Only 10 minutes away from Section 2 of the Zillertal Glacier Lifts, the caves are an incredible 10 km in length, making them the largest natural caves in Tirol. Wearing protective jackets and helmets, tours with a state-certified cave guide are a very special experience. 

It is already well known that the main Alpine Ridge consists mainly of prehistoric rock. One particularly special geological feature, however, is a marble seam (crystalline limestone) that leads from Hintertux in a southerly direction to the Spannagel House. It is in this marble layer that the Spannagel Cave system and its many natural wonders can be found.

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Zillertal Bier BrauKunstHaus

Zillertal Bier BrauKunst Haus, Zell am Ziller, Tirol
© Zillertal Bier

The BrauKunstHaus offers Tyrolean beer culture for all senses. As part of an exciting multimedia tour, you can discover how the country and its people shape the Zillertal Bier specialties and learn a lot about the region's secrets. The final highlight is the tasting of the fresh beer specialties in the modern Bräustüberl.

There is a lot to discover in the BrauKunstHaus. During a multimedia tour through the 5000 m² visitor centre of Zillertal Bier, guests receive interesting and entertaining insights into the past, present and future of Tyrol's oldest private brewery. The reason why the beer specialties from Zillertal Bier taste so particularly fine is the special quality of the ingredients, the art of brewing and a unique region that has always shaped the brewery. Every visitor can experience the result of this combination influences during the beer tasting at the end of the tour.

„Fichtenschloss – Spruce Castle“

„Fichtenschloss – Spruce Castle“ – family attraction in Zillertal - 8 km from Mayrhofen-Hippach.
© Gabi Huber

Visitors of all ages can have let off steam to their heart’s content at Fichtenschloss in the Zillertal Arena at Zell am Ziller – be it scrambling up the climbing tower, sliding down the giant slide, at the spacious water area, or working in the crane tower and much more.

An 18 m high look-out tower offers fabulous views of the mountain scenery of Zillertal. Many welcoming areas invite you to linger.

Find out more about „Fichtenschloss – Spruce Castle“ in Zillertal...

Gold Mine

A visit to the Gold Mine at Zell am Ziller includes a guided tour on gold mining, transport with the Zillertal Gold Express (novelty train) and cheese tasting at the factory.
© Goldschaubergwerk Zell am Ziller

Take part in one of the greatest adventures of bygone centuries. Feel how "alive" the insides of a mountain are and learn more about 350 years of mining history and an almost forgotten industry in an impressive multimedia presentation.

Get a glimpse of the underground working conditions, the modest lifestyle of the miners and their social environment. You will also learn about the political conflicts between Salzburg and Tirol, the economic background and the powerful influence the church had back then.

The excursion starts at the cheese factory next to the zoo at Hainzenberg. The tour takes around 2 hours with a visit to the historical sites and mines. The priceincludes a tour of the gold mine, transport with the Zillertaler Gold Express (novelty train), cheese tasting at the factory and a visit to the zoo.

More information on the Gold Mine at Zell am Ziller...

FeuerWerk - World of Wood

FeuerWerk in Fügen in Zillertal offers visitors the possibility to take a look at the fascinating technical facilities at one of the most modern and economic combined biomass heat and power plants in Europe.
© Binderholz

Discover wood with all your senses. Visitors not only have the opportunity to take a look at the fascinating technical facilities at one of the most modern and economic combined biomass heat and power plant in Europe; They are also invited to use wood to heighten their senses.

The forecourt designed by Lois and Franziska Weinberger leads into the reception hall, where visitors receive a video-guide and the guided tour through the combined biomass heat and power plant begins.

The presentation of the award winning film “HolzLeben (life of wood) in the cinema is followed by an innovative and instructive exhibition of the history of wood. Visitors then move on to the centre of the technical section, through the impressive turbine and generator hall to the boiler section, where the purification of used air takes place. 16 fixed screens inform the visitors about carbon dioxide emissions and climate change.

The tour moves on into the section where pellets are produced, which includes devices for drying, pressing and silos. The tour ends in the "Garden of Air" - where stunning panoramic views of the Zillertal Mountains can be enjoyed. Guests then have the opportunity to order some welcome refreshments at the SichtBAR  Restaurant.
Von hier geht es in das Zentrum der Technik: durch den beeindruckenden Generator- und Turbinenraum in das Kesselhaus und in die Abluftreinigung. Auf 16 Screens erhälst du wichtige Informationen über Co2-Emissionen, Klimaveränderung, etc.

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Museum of Tyrolean Farms in Kramsach

Museum of Tyrolean Farms: fourteen farms from different Tyrolean valley communities can be viewed at the open-air museum in Kramsach.
© Museum of Tyrolean Farms

Between Innsbruck and Kufstein - in the Tyrolean lake region - the Tyrolean Farming Museum was founded in 1974. These quiet grounds can be found just off the main road from Kramsach to Breitenbach, to the east of Lake Reintaler.

The idea originally came from Heinz Mantl from Kramsach. To this day, the Tyrolean Farming Museum is supported by his society. With the help of many volunteers and dedicated staff, fourteen farms from various valleys in Tyrol have been relocated to the museum and carefully integrated into the new environment.

The objective of this museum is to document the rural culture that has shaped this country and the great economic changes that have threatened it. Traditional farming practices, architecture, farming equipment and fencing show a way of life that has been largely supressed and gradually fallen into oblivion.

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"River Art" Sculpture Trail

... nearby

Silver Mine Schwaz

A visit to the Schwaz silver mine is an extraordinary underground experience - only 40 minutes away from Mayrhofen-Hippach in the Ziller Valley.
© Silberbergwerk Schwaz

The "Mother of all Mines" promises you an exciting journey into the history of Europe. After an 800 metre journey on the mine train into the bowels of the earth, a unique underground experience awaits. Follow in the footsteps of miners that dug for silver and copper over 500 years ago and immerse yourself in a time when when the earth was still thought to be a flat disc...

Especially on hot summer days, you will find the welcome coolness of the Silver Mine particularly refreshing. The Schwaz Silver Mine is also the perfect day trip destination for the whole family on bad weather days - you don"t get wet inside the mountain!

More information on the Silver Mine...

Planetarium Schwaz

Planetary movements, daily and annual trajectory of the stars, the sun and cosmic events are presented daily at Zeiss Planetarium Schwaz, a 40 minute drive from MAyrhofen, in their fiully air-conditioned domed hall.
© Zeiss Planetarium Schwaz

ZeissPlanetarium in Schwaz is a multimedia entertainment, cultural and educational institution that is attractive to people from all walks of life and ages for many different reasons. 

Unlike an observatory, where the night skies are viewed directly through a telescope, in a planetarium the skies are artificially produced. This is achieved with the help of precision optical equipment, a 360° video system, sophisticated sound system and effects projectors, 8 metres in diameter and located in the projection dome.

The daily and annual trajectory of the stars, planetary movement and events taking place in our cosmos are presented and explained in our fully air conditioned domed hall.

More information on Zeiss Planetarium in Schwaz...

WaterWonderWorld Krimml & Krimmler Waterfalls

Krimml WaterWonderWorld, with Aqua-Park and multi-vision cinema near the Krimml Falls is a grea experience for every visitor.
© Archiv Großglockner Hochalpenstraße

Everything you could possibly want to know about the fascination of water is displayed at the Krimml WasserWunderWelt (WaterWonderWorld) in an informative, interesting and entertaining presentation.

Close to the Krimml Waterfalls, one of Europe's largest with a drop height of 30 metres, visitors will find the "House of Water", an Aqua Park and a multi-vision cinema. The thunderous noise of huge water masses leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

You can experience the natural wonder up close on a scenic route along the edge of the waterfalls.

More information on Krimml WaterWonderWorld...

Tratzberg Castle

Experience a piece of Tyrolean history at Tratzberg Castle near Jenbach
© Schloss Tratzberg

Tratzberg Castle offers a glimpse into Tyrolean history - presented in entertaining style for the whole family

The magnificent and magical Tratzberg Castle is perched on a rocky ridge of the eastern foothills of Karwendel Alps.The special style of presentation at Tratzberg Castle turns every visit into an exciting experience. During a fascinating "Audio-Guide Tour" visitors hear stories of the knights and other previous aristocratic owners of Tratzberg and are led through the well preserved and fully furnished Renaissance rooms, Gothic lounges and Habsburg Hall, with its unique mural of the Habsburg family tree and extensive collection of armouries.

Children can enjoy a child-friendly castle tour at the same time as the adults, during which they meet the castle mascots, Tratzi and Adele, emperors and kings as well as finding secret doors and castle ghosts.

Further attraction: "Tratzberg-Express" novelty train, children's birthday parties, children's playground
Great food & drink: Schlosswirt Tratzberg with large garden; Tel.: +43 5242 67389

Familienstiftung Schloss Tratzberg
6200 Tratzberg
T: +43 5242 63566

Haus steht Kopf & Butterfly House

You can experience a fully furnished house from the perspective of a bat in Terfens in Tyrol
© Haus steht Kopf

In this unique place in the whole of Austria you can experience the world from an up side down perspective . This fully furnished and equipped house makes an incredible impression on everyone who enters it . You can even admire a car in the garage. Familiar objects suddenly become unknown from this bat perspective . The law of gravitation does not apply here, everyone can stand on their head and everything becomes possible, making it a challenge for the human senses.

Visitors can admire butterflies, parrots, birds and many species of insects at the World of Butterflies.The parrots can even be fed by hand. 

Both attractions are almost next door to each other.

Haus steht Kopf, Stublerfeld 1, 6123 Terfens

Dschungelhaus, Stublerfeld 2,  6123 Terfens

Kinderparadies HAPPYHOPP

Kinderparadies HAPPYHOPP provides fun and action for the kids

"Jump - run - climb - play" is the motto at HAPPYHOPP, Tyrol's indoor playground in Vomp near Schwaz, which opened with a whole new look in autumn 2014. Play equipment such as the cool "Snappy Shark" bouncy castle, 6 trampolines, a mega tall volcano climbing apparatus with slide for those with a good head for heights, go-kart track with tunnels, indoor soccer field for footie lovers, rodeo bull and 3D giant climbing frame with slides, ball pit and fun-shooter system are spread over an extensive 2000m2. Younger children have a separate area with giant building blocks, ball pit, slide and trampolines. And after all that fun, you can replenish flagging energy levels at the in-house restaurant.

HAPPYHOPP is "Fun and Action" for kids - whatever the weather!THE hit: Birthday celebrations at HAPPYHOPP - Tyrol's coolest and probably the greatest party venue!

Ebbs Zoo of Rarities

Ebbs Zoo of Rarities is a popular day trip destination
© Raritätenzoo Ebbs

Tirol's Exotic Wildlife

Raritätenzoo Ebbs (Ebbs Zoo of Rarities) at the foot of Mount Zahmen Kaisers has long been a popular destination for nature and animal lovers of all ages. Over 500 animals can be observed over an area covering  25,000 square metres. Younger guests enjoy the "Kinderbauernhof - Children's Farm" in particular, where they can visit and even feed an array of animals including chickens, pigs and dwarf rabbits.

Children can also look forward to two playgrounds within the zoo grounds. All paths are suitable for both pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Raritätenzoo Ebbs, Kruckweg, A-6341 Ebbs

Schwaz Silver Mine

... near Innsbruck

Swarovski Crystal World

A new era of wonder begins in 2015 for the Swarovski Crystal Worlds - visitors can look forward to many new features, such as a new Chamber of Wonder and Crystal Cloud
© Anatol Jasiutyn

Do you understand what makes you wonder?

In 2015, Swarovski Crystal Worlds ushered in a new era of wonder. In addition to comprehensive innovations in the garden surrounding the iconic giant, fiver of the underground chambers of wonder were completely redesigned by internationally renowned designers and artists.

The Crystal Cloud forms the centrepiece of the new garden. With a surface area of 1,400 square metres and some 600,000 hand-mounted Swarovski crystals, this mystical masterpiece invites visitors to pause and reflect.

Daily from 08.30 to 19.30 hrs (last admission 18.30 hrs)
July and August 2017 daily from 08.30 to 22.00 hrs, last admission 21.00 hrs

Swarovski Kristallwelten

Kristallweltenstraße 1
6112 Wattens
Tel.: +43 5224 51080

Old Town Hall in Tyrol

The medieval Old Town of Hall in Tyrol is a popular day trip destination - holidays in Mayrhofen Hippach in Zillertal.

Western Austria's largest old town

During the Middle Ages, the 700 year old city was much larger and more important than today's provincial capital of Innsbruck. The town flourished in the 13th Century because of its rich salt deposits.

Alpenzoo Innsbruck

Alpenzoo Innsbruck - Tirol: Alpine Animal World - unique worldwide
© Alpenzoo Innsbruck

Alpine Animal World – unique worldwide – daily from 9.00 hrs
At the foot of the Nordkette Alps, high above the rooftops pf the provincial capital of Tyrol, Alpenzoo Innsbruck (750 m) sprawls over the side of the mountain with its 2000 animals belonging to 150 different species.

Designed as a so-called „Theme Zoo“, its near- natural enclosures, terrariums and cold-water aquarium are home to around 50 alpine species of fish and the world's largest collection of alpine animals. Elk and bison, who incidentally roamed the Tyrolean landscapes after the last Ice Age, can also be found at the Alpenzoo. The crowd-pulling favourites of bear, wolf and lynx are just as well represented as alpine ibex, chamois and arctic hare. The bird world is exemplified by a wide variety of species, ranging from its smallest member, the kinglet, to the largest bird in the Alps, the mighty bearded vulture. Endangered breeds of animals can be seen at the Show Farm and the "Bear Playground" is the perfect place for younger visitors to let off steam!

Alpenzoo in Innsbruck – a special animal experience for the whole family, especially during the warm season, when the alpine wildlife show themselves from their most lovable side with their offspring.

The Alpenzoo combi-ticket is great value for money:
Park in Congress-/City Garage + rife with the Hungerburgbahn + Alpenzoo admission
For more information, visit

Alpenzoo Innsbruck-Tirol
Weiherburggasse 37
A-6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: +43 512-29 23 23