Skiing with Kids

Children's ski lifts in the valley

Practice makes perfect...

Children and beginners also have the opportunity to practice their first turns down in the valley in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region. The beginner's lifts down in the valley are ideal for novices.

Beginner's lifts...

Kinderland Horberg

Kinderland Horberg is located right next door to the base terminal of Horbergbahn cable car.
© Alfred Geisler

Kinderland Horberg is located right next door to the base terminal of Horbergbahn cable car.

  • Open daily from 09.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs
  • Floodlit operations every Wednesday and Friday evening until 19.00 hrs.

Price: 1 day: € 2,00 for adults and children

The children and beginner-friendly "Sporerleite" nursery slope next door to the base terminal of Horbergbahn cable car is equipped with a 69m long "magic carpet" and a 180m long drap lift for skiers of all ages. The area is perfect for trying our your first turns on either skis or boards, or just messing around in the snow.

Rental of snow disks or bobs for as long as stocks last.
For more information, please contact: Mayrhofner Bergbahnen Cable Car Co., T: +43 5285 62277

Floiten Lift in Ginzling

The Floiten Lift in Ginzling can be found to the rear of the Nature Park House.
© Rudolf Klausner

The Floiten Lift can be found to the rear of the Nature Park House in Ginzling.

  • Open daily from 13.30 hrs to 16.30 hrs,
  • Also on Fridays from 19.30 hrs to 22.00 hrs

The lift will also open in the morning or evening for groups of no less than 10 persons - but only with prior reservation.

½ day: € 4,00 children / € 6,00 adults
1 day: € 5,00 children / € 8,00 adults

For more information, please contact: Rudi Klausner, T: +43 5286 52183

Ski and SNowboard Courses

Learn to ski in a playful manner...

Children learn quickly, easily and differently to adults. Which is why there are children's ski schools and ski kindergartens in Mayrhofen-Hippach, where learning to ski is fun.

The children's ski schools in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region offer professional help for first attempts at skiing or boarding, as well as courses for more advanced "downhill demons".

Whether on snowboard or skis. even the smallest holidaymakers will find ideal conditions here to have loads of fun.

Ski and snowboard schools

Funslope Ahorn

Great fun for all ages

Funslope Ahorn offers various challenges over three areas.

The three Funslope areas are confined within a special area and combine specially developed elements and influences from the boarder and ski-cross scene in a unique obstacle course. What is so special, is that the slope is only moderately steep and the waves, steep turns and bowls are constructed in such a way that they are suitable for every kind of every winter sports enthusiast – from skier to snowboarder and from beginner to pro. What’s more, it’s the perfect place for children and beginners to acquire the coordination and motor skills necessary for skiing and snowboarding.


Funslope Ahorn