Activities in Mayrhofen

Greizer Hut in Ginzling

My Friends at the Greizer Hut in Ginzling

After a long, cold winter, I am really looking forward to some sunshine, to summer and to hiking to the beautiful huts in the region of…

Mayrhofen's Side Valleys

Mayrhofen’s Side Valleys

If you look at a map, the Ziller Valley looks like a tree trunk, with its roots spread out to the south in all directions. The last of the major…

The right equipment for via ferrata

Via Ferrata: Tips on planning ahead and equipment

Just by taking proper consideration of a few important points, you can have one of the best alpine experiences on a via ferrata. Essentially, your…

Golf in Uderns in Zillertal

Golf Equipment for Beginners

In 2014, an 18-hole golf course with a large covered driving range opened in Uderns in the Ziller Valley. The result was a sudden increased interest…

Glacier.Worlds exhibition in the Naturparkhaus Zillertal

Gletscher.Welten (Glacial.Worlds) –Zillertal Alps High Alpine Nature Park

The multifunctional building is home to the administration of the Nature Park and the Ginzling division as well as being the information centre for…

The Benefits of Sport Massages

The Benefits of Sport Massages

Massages have existed for over 3000 years. And, over the years, various types and techniques of massage have been developed. Through kneading,…

Paragliding in Zillertal

Zillertal the paragliders paradise

Feel as free as a bird. Thomas Walder from the Ziller Valley deals in experiences of euphoria at dizzying heights. He offers holiday-makers in…

Skiing in springtime in Mayrhofen

Sunny Ski Days with Springtime Vibes

Sunbathing or skiing? Why not do both at the same time? Mayrhofen in Tyrol is a true experience for lovers of winter sports. Chilling out to DJ tunes…

Ski mountaineering in Mayrhofen

Ski Touring: Getting it right – What you need to know!

The warm-up phase is over. In alpine and high alpine ski touring athletic fitness is not only more likely to be required but is an absolutely…

Build an igloo in the Zillertal

Building Igloos in the Zillertal Alps

Have you ever been tempted to try and build a real igloo?

Snow in the Zillertal

Mayrhofen’s Snow Explained

In 1952 the International Commission on Snow and Ice officially identified seven categories of snow. Scientists even managed to further identify 80…

Skiing on the Ahorn in Mayrhofen

Skiing on the Ahorn in Mayrhofen

The Ahorn in Mayrhofen certainly lives up to its reputation as the mountain for winter sports connoisseurs. Representing all winter sports…

Tobogganing fun in Zillertal

Cosy Huts and Tobogganing Fun on the Gerlosstein Mountain

Looking for a leisure activity with guaranteed fun, in the midst of unspoilt nature and with easy access for those who have been busy all day and…

Winter Sports Away From the Ski Pistes

Winter Sports Away From the Ski Pistes

Winter sport equals alpine skiing, right? Not exactly. In addition to perfectly prepared pistes, Mayrhofen in the Ziller Valley offers much more for…

Tyrolean Children’s Ski Day  in Mayrhofen

Big fun for little skiers at the 50th Tyrolean Children’s Ski Day on the Action Mount Penken

Already in its fiftieth year, the Tyrolean Children’s Ski Day will take place on the Action Mount Penken from 10am on the 9th February 2019. Whilst…

Gerlosstein, Snowtubing, Mayrhofen, Zillertal, Winterspaß

Snowtubing on the Gerlosstein Mountain - pure fun for all

If you should ever tire of skiing, then discover the snowy delights of the Gerlosstein mountain in the Ziller Valley.

Winter Magic Zillergrund

Timeout at Winter Magic Zillergrund

There are these special moments, on days when the winter sun caresses the snow-covered landscapes, a warming light creates an endorphin inducing…

Horse sleigh ride in Mayrhofen Zillertal

Sleigh Rides - Winter landscapes and nostalgia

A family sleigh ride is both a nostalgic and a modern way of relaxing away from the ski pistes. The contrast between the original function of the…

Gentle skitours around Mayrhofen

Gentle Ski Tours in the Ziller Valley

Ski touring is addictive; not only because of the enchanting ascents through fairytale forests covered in fresh, untouched snow but also because of…

Sportwissenschaftler Chris Ebenbichler

Pre-Ski Workout: Fit for the piste

What do you need for the perfect ski holiday? A first-class ski area, the necessary equipment and good ski buddies. However, all of this will be for…

RISE&FALL Extreme sport event in Mayrhofen

My first time - RISE&FALL

No, I certainly won’t be part of the starting field – anyone who knows me will be laughing hard at the mere suggestion of this! However, some friends…

Childhood in the Zillertal Alps

Born and bred in the mountains of the Ziller Valley

In the vast adventure playground of the Zillertal Alps, amidst the beautiful mountain landscape, Selina grew up spending her summers with her family…

Late Season Hike in the Zillertal

Three of the most popular autumn hikes around Mayrhofen

As the idyllic summer in the Ziller Valley draws to an end, that’s when the best hiking season begins. Comfortable temperatures and the spectacular…

Skiing in Autumn at Hintertuxer Glacier

Skiing in Autumn: Good times on the pistes of the Hintertux Glacier

Snow sports 365 days a year – in Austria, this is only possible in one location. Be it spring, summer, autumn or winter, the pistes of the Hintertux…

The Tux Valley

Presenting the Ziller Valley: The Tux Valley

The Tux Valley is renowned in the winter sports community as the home of Austria’s only year-round ski area; the Hintertux Glacier. Having worked in…

Sunrise in Zillertal

Zillertal Alps Nature Park: Sunrise Hike

Experiencing a beautiful sunrise over the mountains is a dream shared by many people. Your holiday is the perfect time to realise this dream. On…

Zillertaler Steinbockmarsch

The Zillertal Steinbock March in Ginzling mountaineering village

A well-established institution in Ginzling; no summer is complete without the Zillertal Steinbock March! On Saturday, 17.08.2019, hikers, climbers and…

Flying Fox am Schlegeis Stausee

Pure Adrenaline at the Schlegeis Reservoir - Test of the new FLYING FOX

One thing is for sure – occasionally spending time together outside of the office environment is essential to team building in any successful company.…

Paragliding in Zillertal

My Taster Day at the Zillertaler Flugschule

Ever since I could walk, I have been fascinated by the nature and mountains of the Zillertal Alps.

The Bergmähderweg in Brandberg

Cultivated landscape and a sea of flowers

Magnificent flowers combined with an insight into regional life: the Bergmähderweg (meadows path) with its unique variety of plants isn’t just a…

Summer sport in Mayrhofen

Mayrhofen – the home of summer sports

The sad fact is, there are only two days in a weekend: Saturday and Sunday. However, by spending these precious 48 hours of freedom in the sports…

Sunrise breakfast at Leisure Mount Ahorn

Sunrise Breakfast on the Leisure Mount Ahorn

The sunrise breakfast on the Leisure Mount Ahorn is an incredible experience for everyone.

bridge on the olperer hut -Zillertal - Tyrol


For several years now, I have been planning to do an overnight tour of the Berliner High Alpine Path. However, my free time is limited and, when I…

Mountainbiking Zillertal

What to pack for a mountain bike tour in the Ziller Valley

There’s so much stuff to pack, but your rucksack is just too small. Most keen mountain bikers will have experienced this dilemma.

Kehre ein, mach eine Pause auf einer der beliebten Hütten mit Herz in Mayrhofen-Hippach.

Huts with heart in the Ziller Valley

There are many huts in the holiday region of Mayrhofen-Hippach, but only twelf have been awarded the title of “Hütte mit Herz” (“hut with heart”).…

On the top of the mountain with Andreas Wierer

Andreas Wierer: Proud and dedicated mountain guide

Andreas Wierer has turned his passion into a career. In this interview he describes his love of mountaineering, the unique features of the Ziller…

The winners of the Friendship Trip climb the Schwarzenstein mountain

First Time on a Glacier

As the winners of the 2nd Mayrhofen Friendship Trip, sisters Kathi and Luzia had the chance to go on an incredible adventure: a multi-stage hiking…

Austria Climbing Festival

The Austria Climbing Festival in Ginzling

Originally launched in 2015 by the “Stonemonkeys Chillertal”, a local group of passionate climbers and boulderers, the Austria CLIMBING Festival will…

on via ferrata #schlegeis131

5 Tips for Good Technique on a Via Ferrata

When it comes to climbing technique for via ferrata, opinions are divided. However, according to expert Alfons Hörhager, there’s not all that much to…

Jogging in Mayrhofen

Tips for running, tips for jogging

Running and jogging have been hugely popular sports for several decades, with millions of dedicated enthusiasts around the world.

Snowbombing Mayrhofen

Snowbombing in Mayrhofen

The music festival to rival all music festivals will once again rock Mayrhofen from the 8th to the 13th April 2019.

Spring skiing Mayrhofen, Zillertal

Enjoy the springtime on the sun terraces around Mayrhofen

Spring is finally here, and the temperatures are getting warmer. That’s good news for both our bodies and souls. This is because vitamin D from the…

Mayrhofen im Zillertal, Frühlingsgefühle Mayrhofen

Be happy in springtime

The sight of crocuses pushing their heads through the blanket of snow and turning towards the sun is heart-warming.

Schneekarhütte in the morning

Indulgence with a view at Mayrhofen’s ski huts

Mayrhofen’s ski area has plenty of ski huts. Blending into the beautiful landscape and with amazing views, the quality of these huts is just getting…

Family Holiday Zillertal, Apres Ski Mayrhofen

Aprés-Ski with Kids: hot chocolate and cake with an extra portion of fun

Now be honest: who hasn’t rounded off their day on the mountain with a bit of après-ski before? Exactly! Then it’s no wonder that our children also…

Harakiri, Austria's steepest ski slope

Harakiri Piste: A tall order in Mayrhofen

Grooming with the Piste Bashers

Every skier who has conquered the Harakiri is proud to call themselves “a survivor”. But what about those people…

Winter hiking in Ginzling

Winter walks in Mayrhofen: Be enchanted by the nature, peace and tranquillity around you

Are you suffering from aching muscles after skiing? Do you fancy enjoying a more relaxed day instead of racing around the pistes? Then a winter walk…

[Translate to en:] Was wir an Mayrhofen lieben!

What we love about Mayrhofen

Many of our visitors return to Mayrhofen year after year, but what is it that they like best about the resort? Do they have a favourite piste? How…

Skiing in Mayrhofen in the winter season 2017/2018.

The Ziller Valley’s First!

Manny Anker is a pioneer. Eight years ago, the passionate ski instructor and guide from Mayrhofen was the first in the Ziller Valley to launch a…

Range of motion, functionality and safety in winter on the piste 2017/2018.

To see and be seen

Skiing is fashionable. Stylish clothing is important but, in addition to colour and style, functionality and safety are also important considerations.…

The patients arrive by ambulance or helicopter in the Sportclinic Zillertal.

Modern incisions

Mayrhofen is home to a state-of-the-art sports clinic. Using the most modern operating procedures, the doctors can work medical wonders. So, what…


RISE&FALL, a race against the clock - Part 4

4x430 altitude metres of intense struggle and challenges lay before the athletes of the 85 teams competing in RISE&FALL. This awesome sporting event…

What do you looking forward to?

What are you looking forward to?

Winter is coming. In fact, it has already begun in the holiday region of Mayrhofen-Hippach. Heavy snow has fallen on the last two weekends and, whilst…

Pistenhighlights of Mayrhofner Bergbahnen

My Highlights of the Mayrhofen Ski Area

Skiers and snowboarders in the Ziller Valley are spoilt for choice with 508km of perfectly prepared pistes to choose from. So, I’d like to tell you…


RISE&FALL, a race against the clock - Part 3

4x430 altitude metres of intense struggle and challenges lay before the athletes of the 85 teams competing in RISE&FALL. This awesome sporting event…

The new ski models

From piste rockers to equipment extraordinaire

Markus Buchberger knows today what tomorrow’s trends will be. The passionate skier is in charge of selling the latest skis and trendy models at the…

Tom Eberharter belongs the studio Beckna-Foto in Mayrhofen

The perfect moment

Thomas Eberharter is always chasing the perfect moment. The Mayrhofen-based photographer is self-taught and lives off his exceptional talent.


RISE&FALL, a race against the clock – Part 2

4x430 altitude metres of intense struggle and challenges lay before the athletes of the 85 teams competing in RISE&FALL. This awesome sporting event…

Winter holidays in Mayrhofen in Zillertal

My First Time: A Ski Holiday with Friends to Mayrhofen in the Ziller Valley

Getting up above the clouds, enjoying incredible views, and rediscovering friendships and good times. Mayrhofen in the Ziller Valley is the perfect…

Philipp Aschenwald is a ski jumper with the SC Mayrhofen


Philipp Aschenwald jumps from a height which others wouldn’t dare to look down from. He’s a true high-flier. But what is it that motivates the…

Gesa Temmen and her ski istructor

Why I have a ski instructor…

Gesa, of the travel blog Lilies Diary, loves to ski and snowboard. Yet, at the start of every ski season, it takes her a few days to find her feet…


Penken Park - Insider Tip for Non-Freeskiers?

The Penken Park in Mayrhofen is one of THE most popular parks for skiers and snowboarders in Europe. You’d be hard-pressed to find another park which…

Events in the Penken Park Mayrhofen

Cool and easy in the Penken Park

Are words like kicker, obstacles, double cork, x-grab, etc. all just jargon to you? Then get yourself down to the Penken Park and be inspired by the…

Piste basher at work

The heroes of the perfectly groomed pistes – the piste managers from the Mayrhofen cable car company

For the ski resort of Mayrhofen-Hippach, offering a 100% snow guarantee is the most natural thing in the world.


Paradise in Winter

This is how mountains should be!

Action, enjoyment and family fun on the Penken and Ahorn in Winter season 2017/18 - this is how mountains should be!

RISE&FALL, the Extremsportevent in Mayrhofen

RISE&FALL, a race against the clock - part 1

4x430 altitude metres of intense struggle and challenges lay before the athletes of the 85 teams competing in RISE&FALL. This awesome sporting event…

E-Biking is the new hiking

Is E-biking the New Hiking?

E-biking instead of hiking, could this really be the new trend sport? Quite often, when I’m cycling through one of the valleys in our holiday region,…

Markus Kröll is an extreme sportsman and top athlete in mountain running

Competing and Winning

Markus Kröll runs where others don’t even dare to walk. The extreme alpine sportsman knows his stuff and has been a part of the running scene for over…

Waldaufseher im Zillertal

The Forest Magician

Hans Rahm is a forest ranger.

“I have to say, it really is a dream job.” Hans tells us.

It’s his job to make sure that our spruce, fir and larch…

Schlegeis reservoir in the Ziller Valley with the Zillertal Alps

After work in the mountains

Many people consider Ulrich Huber a hero. The mountain rescue volunteer from Ginzling puts himself in danger to save the lives of others –…

Little Tibet in Zillergrund on the roof of the world in Zillertal

Little Tibet in Zillergrund

One would assume that Austria's landscape is unique. But there is an area reminiscent of the highlands of Tibet in the Zillertal Valley: Klein-Tibet -…

Unspoilt mountains and nature abounds in Mayrhofen in the Ziller Valley

Overnight to the Very Top

I’m taking the plunge! Escaping the hectic urban jungle of the German big city, and into another world: Tyrol! With the ÖBB Nightjet, I sleep soundly…

With the ÖBB Nightjet from Cologne to Mayrhofen in Tyrol

On a Mountain Adventure with the ÖBB Nightliner

I am fast asleep as I speed towards the Ziller Valley at 160 km/h: from Cologne to Mayrhofen, overnight. As a German city-girl, at home in the flat…

The sport climbing route on the Schlegeis dam is 131 metre long

Climbers with Mental Agility

I look up. My heart is racing. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach just from watching. Above me, several adrenaline junkies are hanging on harnesses…

The Easy Trail connect the holiday region Mayrhofen-Hippach

It’s a ‘run’derful life on the “Easy Trail”

The "Easy Trail" through Mayrhofen and Hippach offers a varied and enjoyable route: The 24 kilometres are a tough challenge, but also achievable for…

Paragliding in the Ziller Valley: From Penken to Mayrhofen

Falling into Freedom

Are you a true high-flier? The Ziller Valley offers paragliding for everyone. It’s allure is freedom and a little adrenaline…

Respect the space of the animals on the alms

Dogs, cows and the alms… is a peaceful coexistence possible?

Time and again stories of aggressive cows attacking and injuring hikers and their dogs are reported in the news. There were even articles written…

On the Berlin Hiking Trail to Schönbichlerhorn

Schönbichlerhorn, the mystical mountain on the Berlin High Trail

We, we being my sister and I, set our sights on climbing a three thousand metre high peak every year. Last August we scaled the Schönbichlerhorn,…

Huts on the Berliner Höhenweg

The Berliner Höhenweg: An overview of the huts

Since August 2012, when Markus Kröll set a spectacular record by running the entire Berliner Höhenweg in less than 24 hours, this high alpine hiking…

Mountain Guide Stefan Wierer looks towards the Olperer

150 Years of the Olperer

It is the king of the rocky giants: with its majestic height of almost 3,500m, the Olperer towers above the other mountains of the Tuxer range.

sunrise hiking tour in Ziller Valley

Sunrise Hikes

Until around a year ago, getting up at 3.00 hrs or even as early as 2.00 a.m. and then climbing a mountain to see the sunrise was not exactly my idea…

Yoga at the Olperer Hut in Zillertal

Explore (your) nature in Mayrhofen, Zillertal

globeseekers founders Denise Dieling & Christian Mitterer travelled the world for years, completed several trainings in Asia, Central- and South…

Road bike in Ziller Valley

3 road bike tours under 80 kilometres in Mayrhofen-Hippach, the Ziller valley

We are all familiar with the deadly boring reports about road bike trails, in which each region tries to make its mark by describing its best tours.…

Berliner Hut in Zillertal

Berliner Hut - the birthplace of alpine sport

The Berliner Hut is not only the oldest of the eight huts along the Berliner Höhenweg (high alpine hiking trail), it is also the most historically…

Garnet found in the Ziller Valley

On the hunt for minerals

My brief was to write a blog about minerals in the Ziller Valley. Just right for someone like me, who knows absolutely nothing about stones and…

Tandem Paragiding in Zillertal

Fly like a bird!

It’s a once in a lifetime experience; flying through the sky like a bird whist enjoying breathtaking views of Mayrhofen and the total tranquility of…


Hiking holiday day 2: Hiking for beginners in the Ziller valley

From the many hiking trails in the area, I chose a hike of moderate difficulty to the Steinerkogel for my first hike in the Ziller Valley. The…

Action Mount Penken

Enjoying the Action Mount Penken – a report

Action can be found on the Action Mount Penken – that much is clear. But is it also possible to spend an enjoyable day on the Penken? Absolutely!

Children's ski school in Mayrhofen

Skiing is fun! Children’s ski school in Mayrhofen – a video clip

Sun, snow and skiing. Children love snow and can learn to ski from a very early age...


Après-ski in Mayrhofen: it doesn’t get more cosmopolitan than this!

Après-ski has a similar reputation as the Oktoberfest. For those looking in from the outside: unfathomable behaviour based on the consumption of…

One day at the leisure mountain Ahorn

A birthday present with a difference - a day skiing together on the Ahorn

The name “Leisure Mount Ahorn” inevitably conjures up an image of a ski area for families, slower skiers and generally laid-back people. And that’s…

Lake Schwarzsee in Zillertal

Hiking and Discovering Nature: The most picturesque mountain lakes

You don’t always have to travel far to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the great outdoors. Sometimes the perfect spot is closer than you think. An amazing…

Wildly romantic Stilluptal

Presenting the Zillertal Valley: The Stillup Valley

Often described as “wildly romantic” or “the valley of waterfalls”, the Stillup valley is a subsidiary valley of the Ziller Valley. Personally, I…

Family biking in Zillertal

Family cycle paths in the Zillertal Valley: A great day out

It sometimes isn’t easy to find sport activities which are suitable for the whole family. Cycling is the perfect solution: it’s a sport which can be…


Our first ski day on the Ahorn in Mayrhofen

Winter has finally arrived, and we’re heading up the mountain for our first ski day of the season. We got all of our ski gear ready yesterday, so that…