Is E-biking the New Hiking?

E-biking instead of hiking, could this really be the new trend sport? Quite often, when I’m cycling through one of the valleys in our holiday region, I wonder if I am the only person who still sweats it out on a bike without a motor.

E-Biking is the new hiking

©Isabella Rahm

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©Isabella Rahm

Almost every minute I get overtaken by cyclists of all ages on their electric bikes, looking fresh as a daisy and without a drop of sweat on them. Of course, I’ve been aware of the growing trend for e-bikes, but even I’m surprised by just how popular it has become. However, the more I think about electric bikes, the more I realise just how many advantages they offer. E-bikes are perfect for families, people who are less fit and for people of a certain age. Also, they are an environmentally friendly alternative to cars. Whether you’re cruising to the start point of a hike up a mountain, or just cycling to enjoy a well-deserved drink at one of our many alpine huts: these bikes are simply great!


Why choose sweat and exertion when there’s a more comfortable option available? 

With ease and minimal effort you can cycle uphill or cruise along the Ziller Valley bike routes. It’s far easier to appreciate the untouched beauty of the nature around you when you’re not trying to catch your breath! With every pedal you can feel the support of the built-in motor. It’s a great feeling. And, you don’t need to feel guilty for not doing any exercise because you are still being active. However, after a day’s hiking, it’s a pleasure to be able to cycle back to the valley without further punishing your tired feet. 


Help! My battery is low…

So that you can always ensure your battery is sufficiently charged, our bike-friendly region offers plenty of conveniently-located charging stations. Nowadays, many huts are ready to welcome bikers and e-bikers as well as hikers, and offer the opportunity to recharge not only your personal battery with traditional food and drink, but also the battery of your bike. 

E-Biken in Zillertal
©Isabella Rahm
E-Biken in Zillertal
©Isabella Rahm
E-Biken in Zillertal
©Blickfang photographie

Bike hire in our region

There are plenty of sport shops which offer bike hire so that you can enjoy an unique cycling experience on your holiday. From cult city bikes to modern e-bikes, enthusiastic cyclists are sure to find the right bike for them. This means nothing is standing in your way of enjoying a day in the saddle. As the Zillertal people say: „Auffi aufs Radl und dahi geatz!“ – “On your bike, and off we go!”


This blog is written by Isabella Rahm!

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