RISE&FALL, a race against the clock - Part 3

4x430 altitude metres of intense struggle and challenges lay before the athletes of the 85 teams competing in RISE&FALL. This awesome sporting event which kicks off the winter season in Mayrhofen on the 14th December 2019, pushes the competitors to their limits. We find out from the athletes themselves exactly how they prepare to compete in their chosen discipline. The hard training doesn’t begin in Autumn, but requires endurance and fighting spirit throughout the whole year!


©Michael Werlberger

Created by Elisabeth Frontull


Christoph Brunthaler is a sportsman through and through. It’s not the first time that he has taken on the challenge of RISE&FALL, and he especially enjoys the mix of different sports in the event. His motivation to compete again as a mountain biker in the event is as obvious as his love of nature and sport. This year, Christoph will again be competing with his team, ‘Natursteinverlegung Lininger’ from Altenmarkt in Salzburg. 


What motivated you to take part in this extreme sports event?

I find it particularly motivating that in each discipline you are competing against the world’s best athletes in that sport. It also helps my motivation to be part of a team in which everyone is giving his best.


What is your goal for the RISE&FALL competition? 

My personal goal for this year is to give my best and, if everything goes perfectly, place within the top 20 for my individual discipline.

Christoph Brunthaler startet bei RISE&FALL 2017
©Christoph Brunthaler
Christoph Brunthaler startet bei RISE&FALL 2017
©Michael Werlberger
Christoph Brunthaler startet bei RISE&FALL 2017
©Christoph Brunthaler

What training and preparation have you done for RISE&FALL over the last year? 

I actually don’t do any special training for RISE&FALL. During the summer months I compete in lots of mountain bike races. That ought to be training enough. In winter I try to keep fit by doing ski touring and this also helps me maintain my enjoyment of mountain biking.


Is it the first time that you are taking part in RISE&FALL? 


What are your memories of the last RISE&FALL, and why do you want to compete in the event again? 

This competition made a lasting impression on me - it’s not every day that ski tourers, paragliders, bikers and skiers get to compete in teams against each other. As soon as I reached the finish line last year, I knew that I would take part again. The best atmosphere, world class performances – it’s an incredible event! 

Can you tell me why you have chosen to put yourself through this ordeal? Will this event push you to your limit, or do you feel you have the potential to do more?


It’s simply fascinating what the human body can endure, and how it can perform under pressure. For that reason, I grit my teeth and put up with the pain and exertion to support my team as best I can.  


I always try to push myself to the limit and hope to be able to achieve even more in the future. My goal for the future is to develop myself personally and as a sportsman, to perform to the best of my ability, and to belong amongst the best athletes in my sport.