Activities in Mayrhofen

Mayrhofen's Side Valleys

Mayrhofen’s Side Valleys

If you look at a map, the Ziller Valley looks like a tree trunk, with its roots spread out to the south in all directions. The last of the major…

Golf in Uderns in Zillertal

Golf Equipment for Beginners

In 2014, an 18-hole golf course with a large covered driving range opened in Uderns in the Ziller Valley. The result was a sudden increased interest…

The Benefits of Sport Massages

The Benefits of Sport Massages

Massages have existed for over 3000 years. And, over the years, various types and techniques of massage have been developed. Through kneading,…

Paragliding in Zillertal

Zillertal the paragliders paradise

Feel as free as a bird. Thomas Walder from the Ziller Valley deals in experiences of euphoria at dizzying heights. He offers holiday-makers in…

Build an igloo in the Zillertal

Building Igloos in the Zillertal Alps

Have you ever been tempted to try and build a real igloo?

Snow in the Zillertal

Mayrhofen’s Snow Explained

In 1952 the International Commission on Snow and Ice officially identified seven categories of snow. Scientists even managed to further identify 80…

Summer sport in Mayrhofen

Mayrhofen – the home of summer sports

The sad fact is, there are only two days in a weekend: Saturday and Sunday. However, by spending these precious 48 hours of freedom in the sports…

Jogging in Mayrhofen

Tips for running, tips for jogging

Running and jogging have been hugely popular sports for several decades, with millions of dedicated enthusiasts around the world.

Mayrhofen im Zillertal, Frühlingsgefühle Mayrhofen

Be happy in springtime

The sight of crocuses pushing their heads through the blanket of snow and turning towards the sun is heart-warming.

What do you looking forward to?

What are you looking forward to?

Winter is coming. In fact, it has already begun in the holiday region of Mayrhofen-Hippach. Heavy snow has fallen on the last two weekends and, whilst…


RISE&FALL, a race against the clock – Part 2

4x430 altitude metres of intense struggle and challenges lay before the athletes of the 85 teams competing in RISE&FALL. This awesome sporting event…

Markus Kröll is an extreme sportsman and top athlete in mountain running

Competing and Winning

Markus Kröll runs where others don’t even dare to walk. The extreme alpine sportsman knows his stuff and has been a part of the running scene for over…

The Easy Trail connect the holiday region Mayrhofen-Hippach

It’s a ‘run’derful life on the “Easy Trail”

The "Easy Trail" through Mayrhofen and Hippach offers a varied and enjoyable route: The 24 kilometres are a tough challenge, but also achievable for…

Paragliding in the Ziller Valley: From Penken to Mayrhofen

Falling into Freedom

Are you a true high-flier? The Ziller Valley offers paragliding for everyone. It’s allure is freedom and a little adrenaline…

Yoga at the Olperer Hut in Zillertal

Explore (your) nature in Mayrhofen, Zillertal

globeseekers founders Denise Dieling & Christian Mitterer travelled the world for years, completed several trainings in Asia, Central- and South…

Garnet found in the Ziller Valley

On the hunt for minerals

My brief was to write a blog about minerals in the Ziller Valley. Just right for someone like me, who knows absolutely nothing about stones and…