Activities in Mayrhofen

RISE&FALL Extreme sport event in Mayrhofen

My first time - RISE&FALL

No, I certainly won’t be part of the starting field – anyone who knows me will be laughing hard at the mere suggestion of this! However, some friends…

Flying Fox am Schlegeis Stausee

Pure Adrenaline at the Schlegeis Reservoir - Test of the new FLYING FOX

One thing is for sure – occasionally spending time together outside of the office environment is essential to team building in any successful company.…

Paragliding in Zillertal

My Taster Day at the Zillertaler Flugschule

Ever since I could walk, I have been fascinated by the nature and mountains of the Zillertal Alps.

Summer sport in Mayrhofen

Mayrhofen – the home of summer sports

The sad fact is, there are only two days in a weekend: Saturday and Sunday. However, by spending these precious 48 hours of freedom in the sports…

Tandem Paragiding in Zillertal

Fly like a bird!

It’s a once in a lifetime experience; flying through the sky like a bird whist enjoying breathtaking views of Mayrhofen and the total tranquility of…