Activities in Mayrhofen

Childhood in the Zillertal Alps

Born and bred in the mountains of the Ziller Valley

In the vast adventure playground of the Zillertal Alps, amidst the beautiful mountain landscape, Selina grew up spending her summers with her family…

Late Season Hike in the Zillertal

Three of the most popular autumn hikes around Mayrhofen

As the idyllic summer in the Ziller Valley draws to an end, that’s when the best hiking season begins. Comfortable temperatures and the spectacular…

Sunrise in Zillertal

Zillertal Alps Nature Park: Sunrise Hike

Experiencing a beautiful sunrise over the mountains is a dream shared by many people. Your holiday is the perfect time to realise this dream. On…

Zillertaler Steinbockmarsch

The Zillertal Steinbock March in Ginzling mountaineering village

A well-established institution in Ginzling; no summer is complete without the Zillertal Steinbock March! On Saturday, 17.08.2019, hikers, climbers and…

The Bergmähderweg in Brandberg

Cultivated landscape and a sea of flowers

Magnificent flowers combined with an insight into regional life: the Bergmähderweg (meadows path) with its unique variety of plants isn’t just a…

Sunrise breakfast at Leisure Mount Ahorn

Sunrise Breakfast on the Leisure Mount Ahorn

The sunrise breakfast on the Leisure Mount Ahorn is an incredible experience for everyone.

bridge on the olperer hut -Zillertal - Tyrol


For several years now, I have been planning to do an overnight tour of the Berliner High Alpine Path. However, my free time is limited and, when I…

Kehre ein, mach eine Pause auf einer der beliebten Hütten mit Herz in Mayrhofen-Hippach.

Huts with heart in the Ziller Valley

There are many huts in the holiday region of Mayrhofen-Hippach, but only twelf have been awarded the title of “Hütte mit Herz” (“hut with heart”).…

On the top of the mountain with Andreas Wierer

Andreas Wierer: Proud and dedicated mountain guide

Andreas Wierer has turned his passion into a career. In this interview he describes his love of mountaineering, the unique features of the Ziller…

The winners of the Friendship Trip climb the Schwarzenstein mountain

First Time on a Glacier

As the winners of the 2nd Mayrhofen Friendship Trip, sisters Kathi and Luzia had the chance to go on an incredible adventure: a multi-stage hiking…

Waldaufseher im Zillertal

The Forest Magician

Hans Rahm is a forest ranger.

“I have to say, it really is a dream job.” Hans tells us.

It’s his job to make sure that our spruce, fir and larch…

Little Tibet in Zillergrund on the roof of the world in Zillertal

Little Tibet in Zillergrund

One would assume that Austria's landscape is unique. But there is an area reminiscent of the highlands of Tibet in the Zillertal Valley: Klein-Tibet -…

Respect the space of the animals on the alms

Dogs, cows and the alms… is a peaceful coexistence possible?

Time and again stories of aggressive cows attacking and injuring hikers and their dogs are reported in the news. There were even articles written…

On the Berlin Hiking Trail to Schönbichlerhorn

Schönbichlerhorn, the mystical mountain on the Berlin High Trail

We, we being my sister and I, set our sights on climbing a three thousand metre high peak every year. Last August we scaled the Schönbichlerhorn,…

Huts on the Berliner Höhenweg

The Berliner Höhenweg: An overview of the huts

Since August 2012, when Markus Kröll set a spectacular record by running the entire Berliner Höhenweg in less than 24 hours, this high alpine hiking…

sunrise hiking tour in Ziller Valley

Sunrise Hikes

Until around a year ago, getting up at 3.00 hrs or even as early as 2.00 a.m. and then climbing a mountain to see the sunrise was not exactly my idea…

Berliner Hut in Zillertal

Berliner Hut - the birthplace of alpine sport

The Berliner Hut is not only the oldest of the eight huts along the Berliner Höhenweg (high alpine hiking trail), it is also the most historically…


Hiking holiday day 2: Hiking for beginners in the Ziller valley

From the many hiking trails in the area, I chose a hike of moderate difficulty to the Steinerkogel for my first hike in the Ziller Valley. The…

Lake Schwarzsee in Zillertal

Hiking and Discovering Nature: The most picturesque mountain lakes

You don’t always have to travel far to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the great outdoors. Sometimes the perfect spot is closer than you think. An amazing…

Wildly romantic Stilluptal

Presenting the Zillertal Valley: The Stillup Valley

Often described as “wildly romantic” or “the valley of waterfalls”, the Stillup valley is a subsidiary valley of the Ziller Valley. Personally, I…