Packing for a Hiking Holiday

As any keen hiker knows, the Ziller Valley and its High Alpine Nature Park are a mountaineer’s paradise. The region, awarded Nature Park of the Year in 2015, is internationally renowned as a popular and diverse hiking destination.

Packing for a Hiking Holiday

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Created by Stefanie Eder

Over 1,000km of themed hiking paths and nature trails, leisurely hut-to-hut walks over mountain pastures and adventurous tours to the summits of the many 3,000m+ mountains in the Ziller Valley. When preparing for a holiday to the Ziller Valley, every hiker or mountaineer should be sure to make a checklist of the equipment they will need to avoid any nasty surprises on the mountain. 

General Tips for Holiday Packing

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Don’t forget your hiking boots!


A packing list will help you to prepare for your holiday and make sure you don’t forget anything. Most people have had the frustrating experience of forgetting one small, but important, detail which ruins an otherwise great day. However, forgetting a key bit of equipment can be life-threatening. For example, a first aid kit. The following packing list offers some guidelines for packing for a hike, although it needs to be adapted according to each tour and weather conditions. For example, you will need different equipment depending on whether you are planning a half-day tour, a full day tour, a hut-to-hut tour or a summit tour. It is also vital to consult the weather forecast when packing. 

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Packing List: Basics / Half-Day Hike

If you decide to go out for a quick hike in the afternoon to blow the cobwebs away and get some fresh Zillertal mountain air then you should have the following equipment in your rucksack:


  • First aid kit
    Schere (Vorteilhaft wenn bereits im Taschenmesser integriert), Heftpflaster, Desinfektionsmittel, Latexhandschuhe, Mullbinden und Mullkompressen, Dreieckstuch, Schmerzmittel (Bsp. Aspirin) und Rettungsdecke.
  • Clothing
    • hiking boots
    • socks
    • trousers
    • t-shirt
    • light waterproof windbreaker
  • Map and compass
    A map and a compass should automatically be packed in any hiking rucksack. Even if you know the area well, routes can sometimes change. 
  • Water or diluted fruit juice We all know how important it is to drink plenty in order to avoid becoming dehydrated and tired, even if you are planning to stop at a hut. Half a litre should be enough for a half-day tour.  

Depending on the weather, location and personal preferences, you may also want to consider packing the following: 

  • Softshell or Fleece 
    Especially important if the weather is not that good, to make sure you can enjoy the views from the summit even at cooler temperatures. 
  • Camera
    To capture the moment.
  • Snack
    The best snacks include energy bars, apples, bananas, bread, salami or ham.
  • Glucose
    Glucose helps to restore normal body function after a slump in blood sugar, which can cause dizziness and headaches. 
  • Hiking poles
    Hiking poles are especially good at providing stability when hiking downhill. If you don’t need them, they can be attached to your rucksack.
  • Spare t-shirt
    We recommend packing a spare, dry t-shirt so that you can remove clothing after sweating and avoid getting a chill. A t-shirt also doesn’t weigh much and is easy to fit into a rucksack.
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Packing List: Full Day Hike



Are you and your friends planning a full day hike in the mountains of the Ziller Valley at the weekend? Your packing list won’t differ too greatly from that of a half day tour. For this reason, you might as well always plan a full day tour.  


You will need:

  • More fluids
  • A bigger snack/ lunch 
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Packing List: Hut-to-Hut Tour

When planning an overnight tour you will need all of the equipment listed for a day hike as well as the following:

  • Hut sleeping bag available from any good sports shop.
  • Hut slippers
  • Alpine Association membership card
    Many huts in the Ziller Valley Alps belong to an Alpine Association. By showing your membership card you could receive a discount on your stay, a meal and a drink.
  • Playing cards
    Card games are very popular with mountaineers and hikers and provide evening entertainment at the hut. 
  • Spare pair of socks to wear during the evening at the hut
  • Earplugs
    Often you will be sleeping in a dormitory and there is nothing worse than having a disturbed night’s sleep because your neighbour is snoring in your ear.  

    As you can see, there’s no magic involved in packing a hiking rucksack and I’m sure every hiker will now be absolutely prepared for their tour. I wish each and every one of you a fantastic hiking holiday exploring the beautiful nature of the Zillertal Alps High Alpine Nature Park.