The "Ewigen Jagdgründe" in Ginzling in the Ziller Valley

Climbing was and still is one of the most popular sports in the Ziller Valley. Climbers from far and wide come to Mayrhofen and Ginzling in pursuit of their passion.

The "Ewigen Jagdgründe" in Ginzling in the Ziller Valley

©Matthias Schiestl

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Mayrhofen’s climbing paradise

You’d be hard pressed to find a climber who doesn’t know the name "Ewigen Jagdgründ". But what is it that makes this climbing area so unique and popular?

One of the best and most diverse climbing areas in Tyrol 

People have enjoyed climbing here since the early 1980s. The "Ewigen Jagdgründe" are a natural playground for all climbers – young or old, beginner or advanced – who like climbing on granite/gneiss. It is probably the best climbing area in the Ziller Valley, perhaps even in the whole of Tyrol. Many climbers will have heard of the names "Ego nein Danke 6c+" , "El Schupo 6a+" or "Dolby Surround 8c+/9a", and these are just some of the many climbing tours in the "Ewigen Jagdgründe". In fact, there are 136 tours to choose from, so you can pick the best lines for you and enjoy a day of climbing in this unique spot.

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Some facts which prove the superiority of the climbing area…

  • 136 routes from the third to the eleventh difficulty level
  • No long walks to reach the start. It is located just by the Schlegeis road
  • Children’s climbing routes
  • Unique rock and handholds
  • The granite/gneiss offers excellent friction
  • Beautiful location, surrounded by meadows and mountain streams
  • 5 huge granite towers with climbing routes on all faces
  • Rock walls, facing in all directions


The diversity of this climbing area in Tyrol 

The diversity of the rock walls is especially good, ranging from inclined slabs, crevices and intersections to steep roof climbs and everything in between. Thanks to the different directions which the rock walls face in, you can choose to climb routes in either the sun or the shade, according to the best conditions of the day. 

This range of climbing opportunities as well as the altitude of 1200m means that climbers can pursue their passion in the “Ewigen Jagdgründen” in spring, summer and autumn.  

The "Ewigen Jagdgründe" in Ginzling in the Ziller Valley
The "Ewigen Jagdgründe" in Ginzling in the Ziller Valley
Climbing in Zillertal
©Matthias Schiestl

"Ewigen Jagdgründe" in the Ziller Valley

The climbing area is divided into 5 zones / rocks. Every rock has its own name: "Häuptling" (chief), "Einhorn" (unicorn) and "Wächter" (warden) are located on the left orthographic side. The other two rock needles "Wig" und "Wam" are on the scenic right side in the midst of fragrant alpine meadows. Each rock has its own lines, which is what makes climbing in the "Ewigen Jagdgründen" so unique and challenging. The "Einhorn" (unicorn) offers mostly bouldering routes; the "Häuptling" (chief) is famous for its wall climbing with crevices and intersections; the "Wächter" has some nice slabs and high-end routes up to 8c+ and then there are "Wig" and "Wam"… but you can find out for yourself what is so special about these rocks. 

Thanks to the focus on developing climbing in the Ziller Valley by the Tourist Office Mayrhofen-Hippach and the Austrian Alpine Association ,Section Zillertal, it is now possible to climb in the "Ewigen Jagdgründe" all year round. Any past conflicts between climbers and land owners have also been resolved. However, it is important to still respect the rules of the land owners, in order to prevent access to this amazing climbing area becoming restricted again.

 Please note! 

  • Do not climb over fences onto the meadows
  • Take your rubbish with you and dispose of it responsibly
  • Dogs must be kept on leads
  • It is forbidden to camp in the car parks
  • Please use the toilet facilities provided

If these rules are followed, the "Ewigen Jagdgründe" will continue to be a place where climbers are always very welcome. 

I hope you enjoy many relaxing days of climbing during your stay in the Ziller Valley.


About the guest author:

Matthias Schiestl is the founder of the Schiestl Alpine School in Mayrhofen. He loves nature and the mountains and his motto for enjoying them to the full is “fun and safety”. He describes himself as a relaxed and patient mountain guide, who loves to show his clients around the local mountains. In his free time he is a passionate sportsman and enjoys sport climbing, ski-touring, skiing and ice-climbing. Matthias’ talent has won him several awards: silver in the Mountain Guide Climbing World Championship in 2009, Mountain Guide World Champion in climbing and skiing in 2010, and Mountain Guide World Champion in climbing in 2012 and 2013. In 2011 he even completed an expedition to Nanga Parbat (8,125m) in Pakistan. Matthias Schiestl is a state qualified mountain and ski guide as well as ski instructor.

We hope you enjoy reading Matthias’ stories!