Hiking and Discovering Nature: The most picturesque mountain lakes

You don’t always have to travel far to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the great outdoors. Sometimes the perfect spot is closer than you think. An amazing holiday can be easier to find than you think: Tyrol is a much-loved holiday destination in both winter and summer.

Lake Schwarzsee in Zillertal

© Hermann Muigg

Created by Gast Autor

These three destinations offer you the chance to experience unspoilt nature whilst visiting an idyllic mountain lake during your holiday.

Lake Schwarzsee above the famous Berliner Hut.
© Hermann Muigg

Lake Schwarzsee in the Zemmgrund Valley

Lake Schwarzsee lies at the end of the Zemmgrund Valley in the Ziller Valley at an altitude of 2,472m. It is approximately one and a half hour’s walk from the Berliner Hut. On a clear day, the Zillertal Alps are reflected on the surface of the lake. The views are incredible. From Lake Schwarzsee there are mountain paths leading over the Mörchnerscharte into the Floitental Valley or the Melkerscharte to the Gunggltal Valley. Without a doubt the most beautiful and impressive mountain by Lake Schwarzsee is the Zygmondyspitze, also known as the Feldkopf, which received a new summit cross in June 2016. The cross was painstakingly transported up the mountain by Ginzling Mountain Rescue and then left to mountaineers to install. The route to Lake Schwarzsee is well-suited for families. The walking time from Guesthouse Breitlahner to Lake Schwarzsee is approximately five hours, and therefore we recommend an overnight stay at the  Alpenrose or Berliner Hut.

Click here for information about the Zillertal Alps Nature Park.

Lake Friesenbergsee in the Zillertal Alps
© Andreas Kitschmer

Lake Friesenbergsee: Rugged Charm and Mystical Atmosphere

Just below the Friesenberghaus, the highest managed hut in the Zillertal Alps at an altitude of 2,472m, and in the midst of a rugged landscape lies Lake Friesenberg. The hut is approximately 2 hours walk from the Schlegeis reservoir. We recommend a further hike to the Petersköpfl – the perfect spot to reenergize yourself in the Zillertal Alps.

The Petersköpfl is surrounded by countless cairns (litte stone men!), and at sunrise or sunset the light lends this place a truly mystical atmosphere.

Mountain lake on Penken
© Florian Schüppel

Lake Penken: A Spectacle of Nature

Lake Penken is just a ten minute walk from the top station of the Penken cable car and is affectionately known by the locals as “Penkenlake”. Just next to it is a hut owned by the Austrian Alpine Association. Despite lying in the middle of a ski area, the lake is so well hidden that you will only find it if you know where to look.

It offers children the chance to engage with nature in various ways: spotting fish in the water, throwing stones into the depths and even paddling and swimming. Lake Penken is easily accessible for everyone as it is just a stone’s throw from the cable car station.