It’s a ‘run’derful life on the “Easy Trail”

The "Easy Trail" through Mayrhofen and Hippach offers a varied and enjoyable route: The 24 kilometres are a tough challenge, but also achievable for amateur runners.

The Easy Trail connect the holiday region Mayrhofen-Hippach

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The name is reassuring, but also deceiving! The "Easy Trail" snakes its way over 24 kilometres through the holiday resorts of Schwendau, Hippach, Ramsau and Mayrhofen. And it’s not only the distance which poses a challenge. The 100 metre altitude difference is also demanding, even for good runners. The trail is far from easy. However, its beautiful, varied scenery makes it well worth the effort. The route leads you through meadows and woods, over forest tracks and tarmacked paths with several highlights along the way. I tested the trail, and it proved to be an enjoyable, achievable experience. 

Over bridges and through the fields around Mayrhofen
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Follow the sign Easy Trail and you are right!
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The Ziller Valley’s “Easy Trail” linking the holiday resorts of Mayrhofen and Hippach
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„Sightseeing“ für Läufer

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First things first: nothing is (as difficult), as it seems! I, a 26-year-old ambitious runner, lace up my running shoes. The 24 kilometres of "Easy Trail" await me. The distance commands a certain amount of respect, but the name indicates that it must be doable. You can join the trail at any point and run it in either direction. The "Easy Trail" is well-signposted and so, without any problems, I discover all eight points of interest along the route, which make the "Easy Trail" so special.

I glance at my heart rate monitor: 130 – that’s still ok. I run slowly, breathing in, breathing out, always looking forwards. There are three amazing waterfalls along the route: the Talbach, Keilkeller and Laimacher falls. I envisage jumping into the cold water and feeling the cool droplets on my body. But, another check on my heart rate monitor tells me to keep going. However, the calming sound of the gushing water stays with me, ringing comfortingly in my ears for the next few kilometres. Soon afterwards, I arrive at the starting point for a via ferrata specially designed for children and families and including a high ropes course. I see other sports people there, who almost tempt me to stop and chat. But I want to do the 24 kilometres in one go, so I reduce my speed just enough to watch the children having fun on the rocky climbing wall.

The "Easy Trail" is really not easy if you want to complete it in one go. But, with a little grit and determination, it is possible. Professional mountain runner Markus Kröll has also run the "Easy Trail" before, and that motivates me to keep going. The various points of interest along the way help you forget the exertion and make the trail thoroughly enjoyable. It is a beautiful nature trail which, metre for metre, keeps motivating you with its charm and loveliness. It’s not only the holiday resorts of Mayrhofen and Hippach that the trail connects, but also my body and soul. As I run I am lost in my own world. I can switch off and just enjoy. The many points of interest make the trail an athletic sightseeing tour and offer constant diversion. My conclusion: once is not enough!


Easy Trail