The Ziller Valley’s First!

Manny Anker is a pioneer. Eight years ago, the passionate ski instructor and guide from Mayrhofen was the first in the Ziller Valley to launch a one-man ski school. A concept which has proven really popular.


Skiing in Mayrhofen in the winter season 2017/2018.

©Skischule Edelwhite

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©Skischule Edelwhite

Manny Anker is a man of many talents: baking, massaging and skiing. However, it’s this last hobby which is his real passion, and which has also been his job for the last 35 years! Born in Mayrhofen, he started skiing at the age of 3 and learnt how to ski in one of Mayrhofen’s ski schools. Now he has his own school named Edelwhite. “I was the first in the Ziller Valley to open a one-man ski school”, says Manny proudly. That was about eight years ago. His skiing skills have built him a reputation which relies mostly on word-of-mouth from his regular guests. He’s especially popular as an instructor for German, Dutch,  Norwegian  and  Russian  guests,  who  often  book  him  for  14  days.  “About  80  percent  of  my students are women. Some are new to the sport, others are returning after an injury. Some are nervous skiiers, without any reason to be.” Manny doesn’t just know the physical tricks to improve skiing, but also the psychological ones. That’s a skill you develop over time. Practice makes perfect. “I don’t just teach my guests how to ski. They also experience the nature and the environment. I offer an all-round programme and exclusivity. I focus on both having fun and staying safe in the snow. These things are equally important.”

©Skischule Edelwhite

First Wintersport, then Spa

Manny loves his job, being with his guests in the open-air. He enjoys having the nature around him and wants to give his guests a lasting impression of the Ziller Valley. The 54 year old especially likes to ski on  his  local  mountain,  the  Leisure  Mount  Ahorn.  Above  all,  he  likes  the  peace  and  quiet  of  this mountain. Manny is also a qualified masseuse and, therefore, can offer the full package: first skiing and then a massage. And this concept has proved very popular. In the summer, he makes a living with this second job, working as a masseuse in the local spa hotels.


Curious? Then visit Manny Anker’s website Skischule Edelwhite for further information.