Cinema with a Twist – Silent Cinema on the Leisure Mount Ahorn

Cinema? I’m not really the cinema-going type. If I watch a film, I like to watch it from the comfort of my own sofa and not in the company of a crowd of strangers. However, I did try out the cinematic experiment which the Mayrhofen cable car company are offering this summer on the leisure Mount Ahorn and was completely – THRILLED!
Silent Cinema on Ahorn

© Elisabeth Kröll

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Ascent at Sunset

The Ahorn cable car, with its fascinatingly large gondolas, is really something else. My sister and I find seats in the front row with plenty of legroom and a view into the valley. At 8.15pm we glide smoothly upwards, with views into the far Ziller Valley. Just the view in itself makes this Tuesday evening excursion worthwhile. As we arrive at the top station, another view opens up to us. Contemporary architecture, a huge pylon and nature bathed in the warm light of the sunset. We leave the cable car station and the friendly staff of the Mayrhofen Bergbahnen inform us that drinks and snacks are available. Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to the cinema without crisps and popcorn! 

Mayrhofen at evening
© Elisabeth Kröll
Zillertal at evening
© Elisabeth Kröll
Top station Ahorn
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With Chips and Poppcorn to silent cinema
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Silent Cinema at the Eagle’s Stage

We wander from the cable car to the Eagle’s Stage and it’s as if we’re in a new world. The sun glints behind the clouds, shining a soft, yellow light on the ground as if it were covered in thousands of dandelions. We take plenty of pictures; selfies, portraits, full body pictures, alone, in pairs… until we have to get a move on before we miss the show!

Short walk to the eagle's stage
© Elisabeth Kröll
Sunset on Ahorn
© Elisabeth Kröll
Sunset on eagle's stage
© Elisabeth Kröll

Why Silent Cinema?

You might think that in the evening on a mountain nobody would be disturbed by a bit of noise. Perhaps that’s true, but not on the Ahorn. Here eagles, buzzards and vultures are sleeping soundly before they perform in the falconry display on the Eagle’s stage the next day. At the entrance we are given cushions, blankets and the most important accessory – headphones. The films are shown in dual audio in German and one other language (mostly German/English). At 9.15pm the film begins. However, in my opinion the fantastic colours of the sun setting on the nature around us are even more impressive. It’s really an unmissable experience!

Soon Over

Lost in the film, in the nature and in a packet of crisps, the time flies by and the movie is soon over. Now, the path is lit by romantic candlelight to guide us back to the cable car station. Tired and sleepy we arrive back in the valley, busily processing all of our impressions of the evening. 

Rating for the Silent Cinema on the Leisure Mount Ahorn

Absolutely amazing! It definitely won’t be the last time this summer that I visit this unique cinema!


Programme in July and August 2017:

  • 18th July: Still Alice (German/English)
  • 25th July: Nanga Parbat (deutsch)
  • 1st August: Chalet Girl (German/English)
  • 8th August: La Famille Bélier (German/ French)
  • 15th August: Nordwand (German)
  • 22nd August: Seven Years in Tibet (German/English)
  • 29th August: The Intouchables (German/French)


The cable car departs between 7pm and 8pm, depending on the sunset. Reservations and tickets are available at all ticket offices of the Mayrhofen cable car until 5pm the Sunday before the viewing. 

Prices (including cable car ticket and entrance to the cinema): Adults 25 euros / Children 12.50 euros.


Have a great time at the silent cinema on the leisure Mount Ahorn!



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