The Top 5 Visitor Attractions in the Ziller Valley

In addition to skiing and hiking, visitors to Mayrhofen can enjoy many other experiences and attractions. At the ErlebnisSennerei dairy you can learn exactly how the excellent Ziller Valley ʼhay milkʻ is made into creamy yoghurt – including a tasting session! Enjoy the wonderful nature of the Zillertal Alps or be transported back in time at the Strasser Häus. We present our Top 5 visitor attractions:


Eagle stage on leisure mountain Ahorn in Mayrhofen

© Didi Wechselberger

Created by Elisabeth Frontull

From the ErlebnisSennerei Dairy to the Ziller Valley Nature Park

In addition to skiing and hiking, visitors to Mayrhofen can enjoy many other experiences and attractions. At the ErlebnisSennerei dairy you can learn exactly how the excellent Ziller Valley ʼhay milkʻ is made into creamy yoghurt – including a tasting session! Enjoy the wonderful nature of the Zillertal Alps or be transported back in time at the Strasser Häus. We present our Top 5 visitor attractions:

© ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal

1) ErlebnisSennerei Dairy – for food lovers

At the ErlebnisSennerei the whole family can experience how delicious produce is made from the milk of the Ziller Valley cows. The tour begins in the exhibition farm where you will learn everything about the milk of the goats, sheep and cows. Children especially enjoy the hay barn and mini tractors – negotiating the race track and energetic hay-throwing fights are so much fun!

The next stop is the dairy itself. From behind glass walls, 11 stations and 6,000m² of dairy factory demonstrate how cheese, yoghurt, butter and many more milk products are made. Videos, displays and audio guides in six languages accompany the experience. Probably the most popular station is the tasting station where you can taste for yourself the milk and varieties of yoghurt. If you like what you taste then you can buy all of the products at the dairy shop.

Top Tip: Every Friday (June – October) the dairy offers visitors a relaxing afternoon of music and cheese (ʺKäse mit Musik“).

Distance: the ErlebnisSennerei is only one kilometre from Mayrhofen.

Wet weather days: this attraction is also pefect for wet weather days.

Transport connections: 15 minute walk from Mayrhofen train station. Bus 8327 also stops directly by the dairy.

Visitors: particularly good for family outings.

© Didi Wechselberger

2) The Eagle’s Stage – for animal lovers

If you always wanted to see birds of prey up clos then the Eagle’s stage is the perfect place to do this. Marvel at ‘Steppi’ the Austrian steppe eagle who weighs almost 4kg and has a wingspan of nearly 2m and ‘Schneewittchen’ (Snow White) and ‘Schneesturm’ (Snow Storm) two snowy owls which are some of the most distinctive birds of the arctic tundra. At a height of more than 2000m, the Eagle’s Stage is the highest birds of prey exhibition in the whole of Europe. In a 70 minute display by head falconer Didi Wechselberger and his team I am given interesting information about the different birds like eagles and owls, their lifestyles and ecosystems. Warning: Don’t be alarmed if a bird flies just a few centimetres above your head. They are just following the orders of their falconer!


Top Tip: Every Wednesday morning you can observe the falconers for two hours on the ‘Falkner-Schnuppern’ (taster session) and learn even more about the kings of the skies.


Distance: The base station of the Ahorn is in the centre of Mayrhofen.

Wet weather days: On wet weather days the Ahorn cable car is transformed into a floating cafe where you can enjoy coffee and cake whilst you ascend the mountain!

Transport connections: The base station of te Ahorn is just 15 minutes walk from Mayrhofen train station. Buses also run regularly. The cable car takes you comfortably to a height of 2000m.

Visitors: An experience for all ages

Special Deal: There is a combination ticket for families (2 adults and their children) which includes return travel on the cable car and the birds of prey display.

© Archiv TVB Mayrhofen

3) Strasser Häusl – for music lovers

Nostalgic and bursting with history and tradition – the old Strasser Häusl farmhouse brings thousands of visitors to Hippach every year. It was here that the Strasser children lived whose concerts made the Christmas carol ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’ famous throughout the world. On entering the house, you are transported back in time some 300 years. The whole house – inside with its dark smoke kitchen and small living room and outside with its smoke-blackened balconies and tiny window shutters – gives an insight into the country life or the Ziller Valley farmers and the history of the Strasser children.


Top Tip: Enjoy coffee and cake in the cosy living room whilst listening to the stories of the life of Ziller Valley farmers. Welcome to the 18th century!


Distance: 6.3km from Mayrhofen.

Wet weather days: the Strasser Häusl is also a great place to visit on bad weather days.

Transport connections: There is a car park at the square in Laimach and a bus from Mayrhofen to the regional museum in Laimach.

Visitors: An excursion for the whole family.

Special feature: A guided tour with expert Rosi Kraft.

© Naturpark Zillertaler Alpen

4) Zillertal Alps Nature Park – for fresh air fanatics

The Zillertal Alps Nature Park abounds with imposing glaciers, lush meadows and unique forests. The nature park is a hiker’s paradise, especially during the summer months. During summer the park offers over 200 guided walks with 30 different themes from wild animal observation to nature photography, there’s really something for everyone. The Zillertal Alps Nature Park offers something for both experienced hikers and children: Trekking with Llamas, children expeditions and forest imp days guarantee fun and variety for the littlest hikers. For these reasons and more, the 379km² area was named ʻAustria’s Nature Park of the Year 2015ʼ.


Top Tip: The best photo opportunities are given in the route descriptions. Look out for the ʻphoto pointsʼ and take some amazing pictures to remember your hikes.


Distance: 10km from Mayrhofen.

Wet weather days: The nature park itself is perhaps not so well suited for wet weather days. However, the Nature Park House in Ginzling offers 3 exhibitions which can be enjoyed whatever the weather.

Transport connections: Buses run from Mayrhofen into the Zillertal Alps Nature Park. To reach the ‘mountaineer village’ of Ginzling take bus 4102 from Mayrhofen train station.

Visitors: From young to old: Experienced hikers as well as families with children are well catered for.

Special feature: Guests staying in partner accommodation of the Nature Park (in the districts of Mayrhofen, Brandberg, Finkenberg, Tux and Ginzling) get free participation in all guided walks and entry to all exhibitions. Those accommodations also rent out basic hiking equipment.

© Elisabeth Kröll

5) Ramsau Church – for those interested in churches

The church in Ramsau – also known as the ʺRamsauer Kirchl“ – stands out for its beautiful architecture in the classic style. It was built in 1841 and consecrated in 1843. The Highlight of the church is the picture of the ʺSchmerzhaften Gottesmutterʺ (ʺSorrowful mother of Godʺ), painted onto the wall behind the alter. Since being renovated in 1997, it can be seen in all its glory. Ramsau was home to Saint Engelbert Kolland, who died as a martyr for Christ in Damascus in 1860. He was venerated in 1926 and has been the 2nd patron saint of the district of Zell am Ziller since 1986. Every year at the beginning of July there is a procession in Ramsau to honor him.


Distance: 5km from Mayrhofen.

Wet weather days: Sightseeing is also on wet weather days possible.

Transport connections: buses run from Mayrhofen to Ramsau.

Visitors: An attraction for all ages.



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