Miniature Christmas Worlds

In the run up to Christmas, beautiful small works of art are created in the village of Ginzling. With careful carving, sawing and hammering, children from the Ziller Valley create individual nativity scenes out of pieces of wood. Their creations are inspired by farmhouses and stone houses in the region.
Krippenbaukurs in Ginzling


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The woodwork group meets in the village hall in Ginzling, led by Alfred Kröll. A former teacher, Herr Kröll’s eyes shine with pride as he looks at the children’s creations. The best thing about the project is that each child builds their own scene, whilst helping each other. In this way, the alpine village of Ginzling, far away from the big city, uses this special advent craft project to encourage the children’s creative, cognitive and social skills. The results are individual, unique little Christmas worlds!


The pleasure the children get from working on their nativity scene is amazing. Attention to detail, good craftsmanship and intense concentration is required. Even the smallest details such as fences or roof trusses are included. At the end of the project, figurines of shepherds, angels, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, cattle and donkeys are carefully positioned in the scene. Everything has its place and the children’s own miniature creation is ready for Christmas. 


If you’d like to see these works of art for yourself, an exhibition of the completed nativity scenes will take place at the village hall in Ginzling on the 3rd Sunday in advent. 


A young woodworker paints a part of his nativity scene.
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A new nativity scene is created.
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Creation of a stone nativity scene.
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The children learn a lot about craftsmanship.
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Small details decorate the scene.
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The children learn woodwork.
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Eine Krippe entsteht.
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Konzentriert arbeiten die jungen Krippenbauer an ihren Werken.
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