The Holiday Region of Mayrhofen-Hippach Says “Thank You”

Every Thursday afternoon at 4.30pm at the Europahaus in Mayrhofen, we hold a ceremony to say a big “thank you” to our regular visitors. During the ceremony we celebrate the loyalty of guests who have visited the Ziller Valley more than ten times and, therefore, deserve some special recognition.
Honouring the regular visitors in Mayrhofen

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A well-deserved Celebration


14-year-old Mario from Schwendau, dressed in his traditional Lederhosen, entertains the audience with his best accordion playing. The atmosphere in the auditorium is one of excitement and anticipation as people glance over to the table of presents and awards, laden with certificates, badges in bronze, silver, gold and Großgold, flowers, rolled up pictures and glasses of schnapps. At 4.30pm on the dot the ceremony begins with a speech to honour our regular guests. Afterwards, the guests and their hosts are called up onto stage to receive their gifts. It all sounds a little banal, but it really isn’t! It is actually quite an achievement to return to the same holiday destination again and again. Most people seldom choose to spend their holidays somewhere more than once. 

At the ceremony on the 13th July 2017, I took the opportunity to ask some of our regular guests why exactly they choose to come back to Mayrhofen time and again, and asked them to be entirely honest. Of course, all of the answers were resoundingly positive – I hadn’t expected anything else. And, for the many of us here who are dedicated to tourism, they were absolutely fantastic to hear.  

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Erika and Heinz Lachetta from Germany were visiting for the tenth time and staying, as always, with the Kröll family at the Hotel Rose in Mayrhofen. When asked “why do you keep returning to Mayrhofen?”, they gave the following response: 

When we stay with the Kröll family at the Hotel Rose, we get to spend our holiday as part of a big family. We are not just a number but are valued guests at the hotel and that is just a great feeling. Our hosts are amazing and the hotel is fantastic! We will definitely be spending many more holidays at the Hotel Rose.

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Frau Marguerite Schendel, Herr Paul Junk, Frau Liliane Frantz and Herr Rene Majerus from Luxemburg were also celebrating their tenth stay in Mayrhofen with the Moigg family at the Hotel Berghof:

Mayrhofen is like our second home. We feel completely at ease and comfortable here. Everyone is so helpful, nice and friendly. We will definitely be coming back again!”

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A large family from Belgium were spending their holiday with the Eberharter family at the Landhaus Carla in Mayrhofen. Leen und Bert Dingemans with their children Thijs, Liene, Kate and Mare, Frau Els van den Bergh and Peter de Crom, Frau Mia van den Bergh and Herr Peter de Kooning, Frau Eline de Koning and her parents Luisa und Alfons de Kooning have already celebrated their 13th, 15th and 17th stay in Mayrhofen. Their reasons for returning to Mayrhofen were unanimous:

Because of Carla. Carla is an amazing and friendly lady. We feel so comfortable at the guesthouse because the atmosphere is so relaxed and the staff are polite, that we simply can’t imagine going on holiday anywhere else.” 

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Husband and wife Hannelore and Hermann Beyer from Germany were being honoured for their 40th visit. They were staying with the Tipotsch family at Haus Lärchenheim in Schwendau:

We still haven’t seen everything that this beautiful valley has to offer. At Haus Lärchenheim we have found a home from home, and have developed a close friendship with the Tipotsch family. We think that the Ziller Valley, with its charming villages, is the most beautiful valley in the world!”

And exactly these comments are the reason why we will keep organising our Thursday afternoon ceremonies to honour our regular visitors: because they have earnt it.

Just one more thing worth mentioning: The youngest regular visitor to be honoured at a ceremony was 10 years old, the oldest at this ceremony was 81 years old!


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