Quality, not quantity!

In their farm shop in Hippach, Claudia Dengg and her husband magic up local delicacies, with a little extra: they sell quality, not quantity and have filled a (very tasty) gap in the market.
„s`Hof Lad´l“ in Hippach.


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When you enter “s`Hof Lad´l” in Hippach, you are entering another world: it smells salty, meaty and delicious. The world of Claudia Dengg and her husband Josef is as flavoursome as the the Ziller Valley is enticing. The couple have leased “s`Hof Lad´l” on the Zillertal Höhenstraße since November 2016. The produce in their shop is all homemade and local. “We only sell regional farm produce. The fish, bacon and smoked sausages are from our farm, and we bake the bread ourselves.” Claudia and Josef also have 300 chickens and sell their fresh eggs. The produce on offer depends on the season: “at the moment we are selling blueberries and chanterelle mushrooms”, says Claudia.

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However, the couple don’t only sell their own produce, but also regional produce such as pasta, fruit juices, schnapps and cheese from the Ziller Valley. “I’ve noticed that people really value quality, especially organic produce. Lots of customers want to know if the produce is from our farm, because that’s something they can’t get at the nearest supermarket.” Also, in comparison to the big supermarkets, there is almost no difference in price.  


Fresh from the farm 

“Over the weekend there are more tourists in the shop. They often buy souvenirs to take home.” Claudia’s and Josef’s produce offers much more than just flavour: their handmade delicacies are fresh at the point of sale. “People find it special that our hams really taste of something. They have to be cured for longer, but they have a more intense and fresher taste than the products you can buy in supermarkets.” 

The farm shop in Hippach is directly on the Zillertaler Höhenstraße.
The farm shop in Hippach is directly on the Zillertaler Höhenstraße.
The farm shop in Hippach is directly on the Zillertaler Höhenstraße.

A (very tasty) gap in the market

The fish sold in the shop is especially tasty, and Claudia and Josef offer several variations: fresh, smoked or filleted. The important thing is, its tastes good. The couple have discovered a gap in the market in the region and filled it. “My husband loves to fish, and came up with the idea to smoke his catch. This was really popular. At first, we only sold fish on Fridays, but now we offer it more regularly.” Their own tank, filled with trout and char, is in the barn next to the shop, so they can serve freshly caught fish. However, it isn’t only the fresh, regional produce that is special at “s’Hof Lad’l”, but also Claudia and Josef’s warm manner, their Tyrolean charm and their passion which is served up with every product they sell. And, the enticing, flavoursome smell!

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