People in Portrait: Hilde Rahm from the Zillergrund

She is well-known among both locals and visitors alike. She has been the landlady of the Häusling Alm for many years and has many stories to tell – about good times and bad times.

Hilde Rahm is the host in Zillergrund

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Landlady with passion

For 43 years Hilde Rahm has lived at the Häusling Alm in the Zillergrund, surrounded by the wild mountains of the Ziller Valley. The “Maria Schnee” chapel, which is directly next to the Alm, is one of her very favourite places. It is a place which embodies the history of the area. Hilde’s “Kas-Zerggl” (Tyrolean cheese dumplings) are especially famous. She learnt the art of making “Zerggl” from her mother. Today we are accompanying Hilde as she goes about her day, in the hope that we might get to experience her culinary skills firsthand.