Rita & Andreas, the two voices from the Ziller Valley

The two passionate musicians tour throughout the country – 365 days a year. The successful duo from the Ziller Valley are popular with music fans, both young and old. Their mixture of fast-paced songs and gentle ballads capture the hearts of all of their fans.

The voices from the Ziller Valley

©Rita & Andreas

Created by Elisabeth Frontull

The story of how Andreas and Rita got together is almost like a fairy tale. And, of course, it has a very happy ending. 

Rita began singing as a child and, at the age of just 10 years old, gave an impressive solo performance of “Ava Maria” at her local church in Ried in the Ziller Valley. She was soon chosen as the soprano soloist in the church choir, where she sang religious songs by Haydn, Schubert and Mozart. During a spring concert of the town band of Ried in the Ziller Valley, Rita proved the diversity of her beautiful voice by performing the song “Ich gehör nur mir” from the musical Elisabeth. She met Andreas at the age of just 15.

Rita & Andreas, the voices from Ziller Valley
Rita & Andreas, the voices from Ziller Valley
Rita & Andreas, the voices from Ziller Valley

As a child, Andreas loved farming, and was particularly interested in cows. He preferred cycling to cattle auctions and exhibitions in Rotholz to going to school. However, the time came when he had to choose a career and so he decided to train as a lorry mechanic. When he finished his apprenticeship, he worked in the ironware industry. It was during this time that he met Rita at a festival.


Neither of them knew about their shared hobby which would later become so important in their lives. They spent their free time together playing music and singing, and soon began to perform. It wasn’t long until the musical lovebirds were happily married. 

Rita und Andreas, the voices from Ziller Valley
Rita und Andreas,  the voices from Ziller Valley
Rita und Andreas,  the voices from Ziller Valley

The result of their union was a son, Andreas Junior, who already sometimes performs with his parents by accompanying them on the accordion. But, let’s get back to the singing career of Rita and Andreas. In the twelve years of their collaboration they have continued to develop and pursue their own musical style.


They don’t only entertain their fans with up-beat folk music, but also sing deep and meaningful songs with thought-provoking lyrics about real life. Staging is also very important to the two voices from the Ziller Valley, who take great care to create an impressive show. Frequent costume changes during their performances are also a sign of Rita and Andreas’ natural flair for entertaining.


The couple cover all genres of music: from folk music to German hits to spectacular ballads – this way they are sure to delight all of their fans. 


From 26th to 29th September 2019 they celebrate the "Festival of Voice"


And there you have it: RITA & ANDREAS, the two voices from the Ziller Valley!

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