Fichtenschloss - Spruce Castle: attraction for families in Zillertal

Only 8 km from Mayrhofen, there is a new place to go for families at the Rosenalm, high above Zell am Ziller - the Fichtenschloss -Spruce Castle! I had already seen many pictures of the construction work and heard a great deal about it.

Fichtenschloss Spruce Castle

© Gabi Huber

Created by Andrea Egger

And so we set off on a sunny Sunday morning for a family excursion to the Zillertal Arena. Here, you can find out how much we enjoyed it and what there is to explore.

We set out at a leisurely pace and drive to the base station of the Rosenalmbahn cable car. The imposing timber building can be seen from the valley in Zell am Ziller, which gives you an idea of its huge proportions. We arrive at the cable car in only a few minutes and ride up to the Zillertal Arena in a comfortable gondola. The area, which we know very well from skiing, also has a special charm in summer with its numerous hiking and biking trails.  

Gondola ride with fantastic views of the Zillertal mountains

There is lots for the children to look at during the cable car ride, while we adults enjoy beautiful views of the valley. Spruce Castle comes into sight just before the end of our cable car journey and what we see makes the children’s hearts skip a beat. Slides, climbing tower, lookout tower, water and sand play area,... are all just waiting to be explored by the kids.  


First of all, a hike along the “Schmankerlweg” Trail

As it is lunchtime and there is already lots going on at Spruce Castle, we spontaneously decide to take a leisurely hike to Kreuzwiesen Alm. After a walk of around 50 minutes with fantastic views of the Zillertal mountains, we reach the mountain hut and enjoy Zillertal delicacies such as “Käsespätzl” (cheesy noodles),” Kaiserschmarrn” (sweet, shopped pancake with raisins and apple sauce or cranberries, and much more. After hunger and thirst are quenched, we head back towards Spruce Castle with renewed vigour. 

Fichtenschloss Spruce Castle in Zillertal
© Gabi Huber
Fichtenschloss Spruce Castle in Tyrol
© Gabi Huber
Fichtenschloss Spruce Castle in Zillertal, Tyrol
© Gabi Huber

Visit to the “Fichtenwichtel” as crowning conclusion of our excursion to Spruce Castle

As soon as we arrive at the sprawling 5,000 m²grounds of the castle, we explore everything in detail. We start our tour by climbing to the top of the 18m high lookout tower, from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the Zillertal Mountains. We continue over a connecting bridge to the slide tower and slide straight down to the spacious castle complex.

Fun for the young ones and pleasant places to relax

'The children scramble up the climbing tower while we adults look for a place to rest. As we chill out, the children can let off steam to their heart's content. Be it playing in the sand pit with an entertaining crane, crawling and balancing at the adventure playground or in the generously laid out water play area... There is something for EVERYONE.

© Gabi Huber
© Gabi Huber
© Gabi Huber

A dreamlike summer day in the Zillertal Valley draws to a close

Unfortunately this beautiful afternoon has whizzed by way too fast, and so we make our way to the gondola shortly before 5 pm to catch the last one down.

When asked which of the many areas of Spruce Castle they liked best, the children couldn’t say. Everything was “really cool” and we will certainly return.

TIP: If you bring your own barbeque food, you can cook it on the “Wichtel Grill” between 11.00 and 14.00 hrs. You can also buy sausages made by the local butcher from the castle grill machine!
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