Clubs to Go in Mayrhofen

It’s no secret that the incredible winter season of club events in Mayrhofen culminates with the spectacular„Snowbombing“party.

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We should, however, make a point of saying that you can go clubbing here pretty much any day of the week. Mayrhofen is so much more than the sum of its slopes. Its cosmopolitan face becomes blatantly apparent when riding down with the last lift of the day at around 4pm. The young crowds from Mount Penken head out to party, while the more decorous visitors to Mount Ahorn might take things at a sedater pace. Both options are of course possible.

Ingredients for a perfect winter holiday in Mayrhofen

The decision on where to go in winter depends of course on what’s on offer and the snow. Rarely, however, do you encounter a winter destination whose choice of breakfasts, ski slopes and watering holes is as diverse as this. We can talk about the skiing, mountain huts and après ski another time. Right now, we are interested in that special time of the day between dinner and bed, when you will be literally spoilt for choice: Have you still got enough energy to plunge into Mayrhofen’s nightlife? Even though you have to get up early the next morning to make the most of the slopes? We, dear readers, want to make that decision easier for you and would like introduce you to three clubs you truly have to visit while in Mayrhofen.

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Apropos-Bar – the nicest nightlife

“Apropos“ is a French term used to introduce something you are going to say related to a current theme. The perfect name for this eponymous bar in Mayrhofen - despite its English inclination: References to all eras of nightlife are stylistically alluded to in this establishment, without losing its focus on Mayrhofen. 

Apropos-Bar may not be what you would call dignified, but is a great place to go because of its choice of music and food served ‘til late. Quite simply, Apropos is a bar, pub and night cafe all rolled into one. Apropos: a place that knows how to party - where every drinking game in the book is played, cocktails are savoured and no dance move goes unnoticed! Despite this, or perhaps just because of it: the bar always has a homey atmosphere - and that is a good thing.

Scotland Yard Pub

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Scotland Yard Pub Mayrhofen

Here you will encounter the true face of Mayrhofen in all its diversity. You will read on the Scotland Yard Pub website: We are an English-Irish-Austrian Pub with a kind of „Living Room Flair“ – in the middle of Mayrhofen/Tirol with it´s beautiful Mountain Panorama! And we can assure you that neither too much nor too little is promised by this testimonial. The lounge atmosphere in the afternoon is replaced by a pub vibe in the afternoon, which then turns into a proper English club with DJ or live music in the evening. Whatever the time of day, the friendliness of the international service team and the exuberant mood is unwavering. One can only assume it is the perfect mix of British humour, Tyrolean mountains and guests, most of whom are on winter vacation, that ups the feel-good factor in this unique establishment. We’re giving it a ten out of ten.

Arena Night Club

Down to the Arena Night Club

The vibe is palpable as you walk down the stairs to this fabled underground hotspot, the Arena Night Club. This is where things really take off during the winter season. Again, the DJs are as cosmopolitan here as their audiences: well-known DJs from England rock the turntables, just as their counterparts from Berlin and Munich. No genre is favoured at the Arena, anything from Techno to House, or Rave to R & B and rap completes the international repertoire. Undoubtedly the hotspot of the club scene in Mayrhofen for those who crave the “real thing”.

The bottom line

In a nutshell: night turns to day in Mayrhofen - and those wanting to party and dance the night away will always find what they are looking for within easy walking distance. So look forward to an inspiring ambience - where boredom never comes to play.

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