Mayrhofen High Street - Holiday Shopping in Summer

When you hear the words "holiday shopping", you probably think of the shopping promenades on the Adriatic, or city trip destinations such as Barcelona, Paris, Rome or New York, etc....I, however, would like to tell you my story about holiday shopping in Mayrhofen, a different kind of shopping experience altogether - and one you won’t want to miss!

© Dominic Ebenbichler

An exciting opportunity for visitors of all ages

Mayrhofen High Street could also be described as the shopping zone for Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region. It is not just a popular spot for food aficionados or action-hungry sports lovers - no, it is also a great place for all those wanting to top up their fashion wardrobe whilst on holiday. I have set myself the mission of finding out how important shopping is to today’s generation Y, and how well they are catered for here in Mayrhofen.

© Jeanette Roscher

Shopping for the young - and the young at heart!

When I was little, I was always told that people were satisfied with just two pairs of jeans, one pair of shoes and a couple of jumpers (probably because I was already showing signs of a serious fashion addiction even back then). But things have since changed when it comes to the basic wardrobe requirements of today. My cupboard is full to the brim, yet I often stand in front of it and say, "I have nothing to wear". Anyway, without much further ado, I set out to stroll down the High Street and realise that Mayrhofen can offer me, a fashion-loving young lady, an incredible choice. 

The famous Main Street Mayrhofen

I start my shopping tour at modern boutiques such as Sisley, Benetton, Simple, Gredler Moden etc., where I find everything from pret-á-porter fashion by various designers to Italian brands. The choice continues with traditional yet trendy shops such as Sportalm, Sport Manni and Knauer fashion for men at the music pavilion. Mayrhofen also caters particularly well for sports enthusiasts: Bründl Sports, Salewa Store Mayrhofen, Hervis and Sport Wegscheider offer everything that makes the hearts of hikers & bikers skip a beat, while Moreboards is stocked with cool brands like Roxy, Burton, etc. for us young people. But what use is a great outfit without the matching shoes and handbag? The latest shoes are available at "Boom Shoes" and "Schuhhaus Kröll". Mayrhofen offers fashion for every style taste and type and even sport-lovers catch admiring glances whilst out and about on the mountain, biking or climbing after a shopping tour in Mayrhofen.

© Jeanette Roscher
© Jeanette Roscher
© Jeanette Roscher

What to do when the shopping is over?

With my shopping bags full, I decide to relax with a refreshing drink and find myself again spoilt for choice, because there is a veritable plethora of bars, cafés and restaurants along Mayrhofen High Street. Whilst enjoying a delicious iced coffee, I watch the people strolling up and down the High Street, all wearing the same smile of satisfaction that I am.


Typical "after-shopping" side effect

HUNGER PANGS! Yep, I’m feeling peckish and am confronted with the same old dilemma, where shall I go to eat? I can choose from the following options:

1. Traditional Tyrolean

When in Tyrol, you really ought to visit a traditional inn where good-old home-cooked Zillertal fare is served - (Hotel – Restaurant Neue Post, Gasthof Perauer, Gasthof Brücke). There are also many places to enjoy food only few steps away from the High Street (Hotel Kramerwirt, Hotel Rose, Waldcafé, Wirtshaus zum Griena).

2. An Italian supper

As one would expect, there are also Italian restaurants on Mayrhofen High Street. This makes me think of Italy, even more so when I see the food on the menu.
An Aperol Sprizz to start maybe, with lovely Italian coffee after pizza or pasta (Pane e Vino, Ciao!, Mamma Mia, La Vita).

3. Just for one drink

In the heart of Mayrhofen, you will also find traditional coffee houses (Café Kostner) or trendy bars (e.g. Brasserie Q, Mo's) where you can satisfy hunger-pangs with a tasty snack.  

"Style is superior to fashion.  It is inspired by fashion and follows trends, without adopting them entirely. Nobody with a sense of style would radically change their way of dressing just for the sake of fashion. What distinguishes style from fashion is quality." - quote by Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, which I take to heart during my shopping tour through Mayrhofen High Street!


An introduction to our guest author:
My name is Jeanette Roscher and I am currently completing my internship at Mayrhofen-Hippach Tourist Board. I chose to complete my internship here because of my great enthusiasm for tourism and the infrastructure that made my hometown so incredibly popular. I love travelling and am very interested in the international visitors that contribute to Mayrhofen being the fabulous holiday destination that it is. As guest author, I hope I have been able to give you a small introduction to the big world of Mayrhofen-Hippach.