A candle is burning, a flame warm and bright

A candle of hope in December’s dark night…


Many people have a beautiful Advent wreath to get in a festive mood during the run-up to Christmas. The wreath symbolises a number of things.

A beautiful Advent wreath make the festive period that little bit more, well festive


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What you need


First, you will need some coniferous greenery. Fir, spruce or stone pine branches are suitable. Insider tip: bind some juniper branches into the wreath. They look great and – so it is said – they help the wreath stay fresh for longer.


You will need a straw ring, which can be picked up from almost every nursery or craft store. You also need wire to wrap around and secure the greenery. A pair of pruning shears might also come in handy for trimming the greenery. You will then of course need four candles and whatever decorative materials you fancy – there are no limits to your artistic creativity here.

Instructions, first step: make small tufts

Instructions: Step 1

Once you have prepared all your materials you can start. Form small tufts of greenery and tie the ends of the twigs together with wire. Green wire is best. Place the finished tuft on the straw ring and secure it with the wire.

Instructions, second step: attach the tufts to the ring.
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Instructions: Step 2

Make as many tufts as is takes to cover the entire ring, and secure them all with the wire. Try and create an even covering of greenery over the ring. Don’t worry if you don’t n get it quite right on your first attempt. Just cover any gaps with smaller tufts and keep going until the ring is full.  Practise makes perfect when it comes to binding Advent wreaths.

A finished wreath made from coniferous greenery from Zillertal.
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Instructions: Step 3

Now you can make the wreath a little neater, cut off any protruding twigs with the pruning shears, or add greenery to cover any gaps.

Your wreath is even more beautiful with a little decoration
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Instructions: Step 4

Attach any decorative materials you fancy and four candles. The first Sunday in Advent is on 2nd December, when you can light the first candle. With this in mind, we wish you a wonderful Advent season. Maybe we’ll meet you for a mug of punch or mulled wine at the Mayrhofner Advent Market at the Forest Festival Area. By the way, there is a giant, hand-bound Advent wreath with a diameter of 3.5 metres there. A real eye-catcher!