Advent at the Forest Festival Area

The holiday resort of Mayrhofen-Hippach is delighted to invite both our visitors and residents to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the 10th Mayrhofen Advent from 30th November to 21st December 2019 at the Waldfestplatz.

Mayrhofen Advent in Mayrhofen

©Laurin Moser

Advent like it used to be

Between 30th November and 21st December 2019, the Mayrhofen Advent will take place every Friday and Saturday from 5pm-9pm, as well as on Sunday 1st, 8th and 15th December from 5pm-9pm at the Waldfestplatz.

Already in its 10th year, the Advent is hugely popular with both visitors and residents of Mayrhofen. Spending quality time with family and friends, is one of the best Christmas presents you can get. Combine this with happiness, peace and tranquillity, and good food and drink, and you have the perfect Christmas package. For me, the Mayrhofen Advent offers the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate all of these things. Romantic candlelight, flickering open fires, rustic wooden benches covered with snuggly furs and blankets, and gentle music transforms Mayrhofen’s Waldfestplatz (forest festival arena) into something truly special.

Top Tip: The nativity figures of Josef and Maria with baby Jesus will be carved by Sculptor, Alois Stöckl, celebration of Mayrhofner Advent’s 10th anniversary.

Mayrhofner Advent am Waldfestplatz Mayrhofen
©Laurin Moser
Mayrhofner Advent am Waldfestplatz Mayrhofen
©Laurin Moser
Mayrhofner Advent am Waldfestplatz Mayrhofen
©Laurin Moser

Illuminated by torch lights

Lit by glowing candlelight, leads us from the bright Christmas lights of Mayrhofen high street, along the narrow “Edergassl” path and past the swimming pool to the Waldcafe. Arriving at the Advent, we find ourselves surrounded by local Christmas traditions, bringing back happy childhood memories and captivating adults and children alike.


Top Tip: On 6th, 7th and 8th December our blacksmith is back and shows everybody his unique work

Eat, drink and be merry …

©Laurin Moser

The Advent is a chance for local stallholders to show off their culinary skills. At the many huts around the Waldfestplatz, we find everything our hearts (or rather our stomachs!) desire to quench our thirst and sate our hunger. Local delicacies include “Kiachl” (served savoury with sauerkraut or sweet with cranberries), sweet “Krapfen”, warming barley soup and, not forgetting my favourite speciality, “Zillertaler Krapfen”.

Together with my friends and family, we move from hut to hut, sampling a little of everything whilst shopping at the stalls for Christmas presents. Afterwards, we relax in the warmth of an open fire to enjoy a glass of mulled wine, Christmas punch or a good wine whilst listening to the soft music of the choir and brass band.

After all, Christmas is the time to eat, drink and be merry!

Traditional arts and crafts

From lovingly created handicrafts and traditional bricolage to Christmas presents and local food delicacies, the Advent offers a wide range of unique products: teas, essential oils, herbs and spices, smoked foods, “Doggln” (traditional handmade slippers), nativity scenes and figures, jewellery, artwork, bags, angels carved from driftwood, homemade jams, chocolates and pralines, organic toiletries, advent wreathes, scented cushions, felt slippers, dolls beds, woven baskets, candles, wooden bowls and lamps, ceramic crafts, Christmas biscuits, “Zelten” cake, smoked hams, farmer’s bread, honey and much more….

Around the dancing open fires, the rousing sounds of choirs, carol singers and brass bands ensure a festive mood. This year, you can expect music from the Männergesangverein Mayrhofen, „Die Roatweindla“, Stubaitaler Alphornbläser, D`Wildschönauerinnen“, „Herz Zua“, Harter Bläser, Volksschule Mayrhofen, Klarinettenensemble Zillertal, Zillertaler Weisenbläser, Schlitterer Sänger, Kindergarten Mayrhofen, Bläser der Zillertaler Landesmusikschule Zillertal, Frauenchor Hippach, „Jungholz“, Sine Nomine,  Klarinette Schlitters, Tiroler Weisenbläser, Zillertaler Weisenbläser sowie Weisenbläser der Bundesmusikkapellen Mayrhofen, Brandberg, Hart, Ginzling und Aschau uvm. 

The shining eyes of happy children

©Laurin Moser

Mayrhofen Advent also offers plenty to capture the imagination of children such as a petting zoo and Kröll’s advent bakery. After all, for us parents there is nothing better than to see our children’s eyes shining with the magic of Christmas.

Top Tip: The “Mayrhofen Advent Angel” – a delicious gingerbread biscuit made at the Konditorei Kröll in Hippach can be individually decorated by children. At 5pm on the 6th December, St Nicholas and his angels will be at the Waldfestplatz to give out presents to the children.

The festive atmosphere and the promise of a peaceful, traditional advent celebration is what makes Mayrhofen Advent so special. Come and see for yourself…