"Anklöpfeln" carol singing – a cultural heritage in the Zillertal Valley

It is listed on the register of Austria's Intangible Cultural Heritages – the custom of "Anklöpfeln" carol singing on the last three Thursday evenings before Christmas. This beautiful tradition is still celebrated in the Zillertal Valley. It is intended to convey the story of Maria and Joseph searching for shelter preceding the birth of the Infant Jesus.

Culture in Zillertal: Anklöpfeln

©Gerhard Berger

Created by Elisabeth Frontull

Der Brauch des Anklöpfelns

Monika and Gerhard Anker ensure this beautiful tradition is passed on to the next generation in the tranquil community of Brandberg in Zillertal. Dressed as shepherds, the "Anklöpfler" visit neighbours and friends to announce the imminent birth of our Lord.


Anklöpfeln in Mayrhofen

Every year, the "Anklöpfer's" efforts are augmented by public performances from the Mayrhofen Mens' Choir and horn blowers from Mayrhofen Town Band on the last Thursday of Advent. The  "Singing Brothers" led by conductor, Hans Rainer, and a horn blower ensemble can be heard at the following locations:

18.30 hrs   Hollenzen Dorfbrunnen (village well)
19.00 hrs   Mayrhofen Parish Church (old cemetery)
19.30 hrs   Mayrhofen Forest Cemetery
20.00 hrs   Dorf Haus – in front of the "Griena“ Guesthouse
20.30 hrs   Hotel Edenlehen – in front of the hotel chapel