There’s just one month to go until the 25th Meeting of the Alpine Rifle Brigades

120 volunteer helpers, 15,000 steins of beer and a festival area the size of a football pitch!
Meeting of the Alpine Rifle Brigades

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The biannual meeting of the alpine rifle brigades (Schützen) will take place on the weekend of the 25th - 27th May 2018 and will be by far the largest meeting of its kind in the Alps. Since 1978 thousands of rifle brigades from North, East and South Tyrol, Trentino and Bavaria have met every two years to demonstrate their commitment to continuing and promoting the tradition of the Schützenwesen.  

Mayrhofen has been awarded the honour of hosting the 25th meeting of the alpine rifle brigades. After this year, this event won’t return to Tyrol until 2026 at the earliest. 

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Fascinating figures

Almost 500 rifle brigades have been invited to the 25th meeting in Mayrhofen. The first discussions and preparations for this major event were made four years ago and the last two years have been spent preparing for the festival in earnest.


The dimensions of the festival are huge. The two marquees, including a food and drink marquee, cover an area of around 8,000m². That’s the same size of a football pitch. The whole festival area (marquees, outside area, marching ground etc) extends to some 50,000m². The amount of tarpaulin needed for the marquees (9,500m²) is enough to completely cover 25 family homes!

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Hundreds of Helping Hands

Over 100 volunteers are needed in order to assemble and disassemble the marquees and festival infrastructure. Mayrhofen’s fire brigade will provide more than 30 firefighters just to ensure the safe assembly of the marquees. The Red Cross, police and security will also be on hand to help. 

The arrival and departure of so many rifle brigades and music bands from the alpine regions poses and additional logistical challenge for the organisers. The participants alone require a car park big enough for some 100 coaches. Fortunately, Mayrhofen has bus parking at the cable car stations and will use a shuttle service of 13 buses to transport participants to the festival.  

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Eat, drink and be merry!

After a 2.7km procession through Mayrhofen, the participants will be longing for speedy refreshment. Therefore, 130 waiters and waitresses as well as 25 staff members will be ready to quickly serve up food and drink in the marquee. The two marquees will house 836 beer tables and 1,672 benches!

15,000 beer steins and 41 beer pumps will be ready to quench the thirst of the riflemen and musicians To feed the hungry participants, 4,000 half chickens and 1,000 portions of roast pork will be served.

This figures speak for themselves!


This festival should not be missed. Click here for more details about the programme of the 25th meeting of the alpine rifle brigades in Mayrhofen in the Ziller Valley.

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The festival also marks the start of our Stammgästewoche 2018 (week for our regular guests). We look forward to welcoming you all to Mayrhofen-Hippach!

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