Timeout at Winter Magic Zillergrund

There are these special moments, on days when the winter sun caresses the snow-covered landscapes, a warming light creates an endorphin inducing ambience, as your eyes drink in the beauty of this magical winter wonderland. All this is waiting in the Zillergrund Valley, whose incredible ambience will awaken your senses to all the joys of its inimitable winter magic.

Winter Magic Zillergrund

©Thomas Eberharter Photography

Created by Elisabeth Frontull

Zillergrund is a tributary valley of Mayrhofen and a real natural gem – and blessed with an abundance of snow in winter.  Walking through the pristine and snow-covered nature combined with a warming stopover for refreshments at the Häusling Alm guesthouse is a truly unforgettable experience. Leave the hustle and bustle behind, focus on what truly matters, on yourself and the beautiful scenic beauty in Zillergrund when walking through the snow-covered winter landscapes with your eyes wide open. 

Our tip: Why not take a day off from skiing and explore the Winter Magic in Zillergrund? You will be pleasantly surprised!

Winter magic Zillergrund
©Elisabeth Frontull
Winter magic Zillergrund
©Elisabeth Frontull
Winter magic Zillergrund
©Elisabeth Frontull

What does Winter Magic in Zillergrund have in store?

  • A snow igloo has been built at Häusling Alm, the focal point of which is an ice carving of the Holy Family. 
  • Over-sized ice blocks around the snow chapel add a contemporary touch and become the focus of attention in the evening hours, when they are bathed in a special light.
  • A children’s winter world with mini igloo, snow cave and snow hills for sliding and tobogganing has been built for young visitors’ enjoyment.
  • Cross-country skiers also appreciate the groomed trail next the the Häusling Alm guesthouse.
  • For all Geocachers there are numerous treasures hiding along the way

There are various ways to access Zillergrund Winter Magic:

  • On foot from Mayrhofen, along the Oberkumbichl winter hiking trail to Gasthof Klaushof and on to Häusling Alm. (Walking time: circa 2.5 hrs)
  • By car, through the Brandberg Tunnel. “Maurach” car park is on the right after the end of the tunnel, from where you can easily walk into Zillergrund. (Walking time: circa 1.5 hrs)
  • After the Brandberg Tunnel, turn left and follow the tollway until Gasthof Alstüberl. There you can find a car park (signed out). Walk along the road from there to Häusling Alm. (Walking time: circa 30 mins)
©Thomas Eberharter

"Silent Night! Holy Night!"

Translated into over 300 languages, this simple song has given hope and comfort to millions of people for over 200 years. "Silent Night, Holy Night" was written and composed by Joseph Mohr and Franz Xaver Gruber in Salzburg, but it was singers from the Zillertal Valley who shared the song with the rest of the world. Een back then, not only the melody, but ideal interpreters were required to create a "world hit".

Those interested in finding out how "Silent Night, Holy Night" became world famous, will discover a story full of courage, talent and fortuitous circumstances. The themed trail tells the tale of the Strasser Family, popular singers from the Zillertal Valley and the Rainer Singers, who embarked on a journey 200 years ago to spread the song all over the world.

©Elisabeth Frontull

The Chapel Maria Schnee in Häusling

In Zillergrund, along the trail from Gasthof Klaushof into the valley, the steeple of Maria Schnee Chapel in Häusling can be seen from afar, next to the Almgasthaus Häusling. The “Maria Schnee” Chapel was built in Häusling in 1848. After the original chapel suffered heavy damages during a flood in 1878, the chapel was rebuilt in its present form together with a new junior school in 1909, thanks to intercession by Cardinal Katschthaler, who came from Zillertal. The chapel was carefully restored by the builders of Häusling Power Station in 1986.

The interior of this chapel surprises visitors with its beautiful and simple design. Natural light that shines into the sanctuary from a side window bathes the altar in a special glow, in which Our Blessed Lady occupies a very central position with the Infant Jesus. A picture of St. Francis with Christ Child also has a place of honour at the chapel entrance.

As a whole, the chapel has a very harmonious appearance and thus far surpasses the any expectations one may have of a mountain village chapel, despite its unusual size. 

Children's winter world & cross country ski

Children love snow. There is no end to the creative ways they can mould it into any shape or form. A veritable winter wonder world opens up here for children. Sliding around in the snow, snowball fights, building a snowman with friends or just crawling through a snow cave and whizzing down a hill on a makeshift sled is just so much fun and puts a smile on the face of every child.

Cross-country ski is one of the most healthy winter sports around, as it is low impact, yet a perfect full body workout. Arms and legs are brought equally into play, and the back musculature is given an optimum workout. This Nordic sport can also be enjoyed in Zillergrund as from winter 2017/18, where around 3 kilometres of professionally groomed classic cross-country ski trails will be available. Savour a true winter wonderland whilst indulging in healthy and gentle exercise.