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Petra Dornauer set up her creative domain in the heart of Finkenberg. A fashionable tailor’s shop, run with great care and attention to detail. It’s here that she irons, sews and laughs a lot.
The 44-year-old Petra Dornauer from Finkenberg is a seamstress.


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Petra Dornauer is a good-humoured lady – she loves to laughs, and does it a lot. Who would have thought that she could make magic happen? But, when it comes to clothes, she does. The qualified seamstress has been self-employed for six years running her own tailoring business from her home in Finkenberg near to Mayrhofen. Her clients come from near and far. Sometimes from so far away that it even amazes Petra. “Especially in winter, lots of visitors come to me who need a new zip on their ski jacket or have ripped their salopettes. But, my regular clients are the hotels and restaurants. They mostly want adjustments made to Dirndls (traditional dresses) or uniforms. Tighter, bigger, shorter – that’s my job.” Also, lots of locals, especially older people, regularly call in to her creative workshop. “And I will also travel to clients”, explains the mobile seamstress. 

Seamstress Petra Dornauer at work with her sewing maching.
Seamstress Petra Dornauer at work with her sewing maching.
Petra Dornauer at work in Finkenberg

The Dirndl enthusiast

The 44-year-old has a creative streak and has found her dream job. However, it wasn’t her first career choice. “I wanted to be a chef”, laughs Petra. “But, my father found me a job as a seamstress. I started and, from the very beginning, enjoyed the work so much that I couldn’t imagine a better job.” Above all, she enjoys working with traditional clothing. “I love wearing a Dirndl and wear one whenever I have the chance.” However, the mother of a soon to be 15-year-old son doesn’t really keep up with fashion trends. “I like to dress nicely, but I that doesn’t mean being a slave to the latest fashions.” Her love of wearing Dirndls means she equally loves to tailor them. “It’s a really enjoyable task”, she explains. “And, when I get to see my clients in their newly adjusted clothes, and how pleased they are when everything sits properly and fits perfectly, that’s a great feeling.”


Snip snip…

She’s only had one accident whilst sewing, and can laugh about it today. When her son was 4 years old, “he wanted to help me, got hold of my scissors and cut a big whole in a garment. I had to sew the skirt again from scratch!” 


Petra Dornauer offers excellent quality and service. Anyone is welcome to come by and try out (or try on!) her work. Her creative workshop can be found at:


Petra Dornauer, Änderungsschneiderei

Dornau 323, 6292 Finkenberg

Cell phone: +43 664 5057995

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