The Sound of the Alps – From Tyrol Throughout the World

“The Sound of the Alps - Nostalgic Melodies” exhibition at the baroque Schloss Fügen is dedicated to the incredible and enduring worldwide success of Tyrolean Music. In 2018, the Alps are still best known as the origin of what is probably the world’s best-known Christmas carol, “Silent Night”. However, this classic song is just one of Tyrol’s many musical hits.


Castle in Fügen

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Created by Elisabeth Frontull

200 years ago, thanks to the popularity of the Alps and Andreas Hofer, Tyrol became a popular tourist destination. The combination of tourism and musical folk culture has a long history and has taken many different forms: from the Tyrolean National Singers, to Tyrolean evenings and open-air concerts. 

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In over 30 rooms, “The Sound of the Alps” exhibition gives a fascinating insight into the success story of Alpine music. Visitors will blush at “Gestanzeln” (short, limerick type songs set to an accordion), get a practical “Tramplan” lesson, visit the throne room of the British royal court, listen to “Silent Night” in the trenches, yodel against a yodelling machine, sway to the music of a local film from the 1950s, and walk through the “Hall of Fame” of commercial Tyrolean music. 

Originally, it was Tyrolean tradesmen and singers, mostly from the Ziller Valley, who were responsible for bringing Tyrolean songs, yodelling and dance, including the internationally famous Christmas carol “Silent Night”, to the world. In doing so, they created an interest in Tyrol which still attracts thousands of visitors to the region. 

This special exhibition is located at the baroque Schloss Fügen and Heimatmuseum in Fügen in the Ziller Valley. In 50 rooms visitors can trace the history of Tyrolean music from the 18th century to the present day, including learning about the phenomenon of the Tyrolean National Singers and how the Ziller Valley became known as “the valley of music”. 

Why are Tyroleans “lustig” (merry)? And when was the well-known children’s song “kommt ein Vogel geflogen” written? What are the Tyrolean National Singers and what was their role in bringing “Silent Night`’ to the world? The answers to these questions and many more are to be found in the “The Sound of the Alps” exhibition at the baroque Schloss Fügen.

200 Jahr Stille Nacht
©Best of Zillertal
200 Jahr Stille Nacht
©Best of Zillertal
200 Jahr Stille Nacht
©Best of Zillertal

Opening Times: 30.6.2018 – 03.02.2019 – Tues.- Sun. 13.00 – 17.00.


Up to 9 yearsfree entry

10-18 years€ 4.00

Adults€ 8.00


Guided Tours (book in advance - Tel. +43 5288 62262)

Adults€ 12,00

School Children/Students€  8,00


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