Zillertaler Doggln

The most comfortable slippers you can wear in the winter months are, without a doubt, Zillertaler Doggln. Originally made from light grey, virgin wool and felt from the Ziller Valley, Doggln are becoming increasingly more modern in style.

Zillertaler Doggln

©Alfred Geisler

Created by Alfred Geisler

Nowadays Doggln are available in a variety of different patterns and colours. However, what hasn’t changed is the way they are made. Each pair is handmade, a process which demands painstaking effort and strong fingers.


How to get your own Doggln

Our Alfred’s old pair of Doggln wouldn’t last another winter, so he was on the lookout for a new pair. Luckily he found the perfect ones at Heidi in Tux. Tailored to perfection, he was delighted with his new Zillertal slippers. 


If you are also looking for the most comfortable and warm slippers in the world, then look no further than Heidi in Tux. She will be only too happy to find you the perfect slipper too.