Tom Klocker

Photographer with a Passion

Tom Klocker - Naturfotograf aus dem Zillertal, Tirol.
© Tom Klocker

The mountains have always been his home and he is devoted to them. Tom grew up in the Zillertal Valley and became a professional snowboarder. His greatest desire was to turn his hobby into his profession, which he did until 2015, competing in contests all over the world and becoming one of the snowboarding scene's elite. He was constantly surrounded by cameras, and constantly involved with photo shoots for diverse magazines. Tom, however, took his own camera along to the contests and photo shoots and it is there that he discovered his passion. During the summer months, when he wasn't snowboarding, he liked to hike up the mountains 3 times a week to capture the most beautiful sunrise and sunsets on his camera.


Tom's life changed suddenly in 2015, when he broke his ACL while filming a movie project. After surgery he had to rest for a lengthy period, so he decided to start his own Instagram channel, „tomklockerphoto“, where he uploaded all the landscape shots he had taken over the previous years. In less than one year he racked up over 15 thousand followers. He has never looked back since and is always on the lookout for new adventures like snowboarding, climbing, mountaineering and travelling around the world to find new and unique locations. He now works as a professional freelance photographer, specialising in action sports, outdoor and landscape photography.