Ursprung Buam

These exceptional musicans form the Zillertal Valley are - "Quaint & Genuine"

© Ursprung Buam

Famous throughout the nation. They tour many European countries and promote their homeland in traditional dress, with their unusual instruments of Styrian accordion, violin and double bass. Even more extraordinary are their incredible voices. No other ensemble from Zillertal can yodel better than these three men from Stumm in Zillertal. We're talking about the Ursprung-Buam!

"We've got a fiddle somewhere“ said Martin's grandfather when, aged 16, his grandson expressed the desire to learn an instrument. A mere six months later, the first recording was on the market, in which grandfather Jörg Höllwarth played along. Martin, who had begun to study law by then, turned his hobby – music - into his career. Andreas, Martin's younger brother, learned how to play the Styrian accordion as a child. Like his brother, Andreas had also studied law, but the urge to make music was greater. They founded "Die Ursprung Buam“ in 1993. Cousin Manfred joined the musically gifted brothers to play one New Year's Eve and it was decided they would play as a trio from then on. The "Die Ursprung Buam“ were complete and are now an established act on the folk music scene!