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Upper Zillertal's subsidiary valleys near Mayrhofen-Hippach!

The Mayrhofen/Hippach Holiday Region lies in the basin of the upper Ziller Valley, before the fascinating backdrop of the Zillertal Alps Nature Park. The landscape here fans out into four subsidiary valleys, also known as "Gründe".

Mayrhofen nestles below high mountain ranges at the end of the Ziller Valley, but do not be deceived - as far as hiking is concerned - this is only the beginning. Pack your rucksack, tie your shoe laces tightly and set off to the mountains of the upper Zillertal Valley. Rare plants and animals, crystal clear mountain streams and a surreal tranquility are here and waiting to be discovered by you!

Those not wanting to miss out on creature comforts can of course enjoy the special Tyrolean charm and great traditional cuisine whilst taking a leisurely break with friends. Mountain lodges and huts offering welcome refreshments can be found in abundance.



A trip into the Stillup Valley in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region, Zillertal revitalises the soul.
© Bernd Ritschel

The Stilluptal Valley is nestled in the Nature Park of the Zillertal Alps and, at 17km in length, is the shortest of Mayrhofen`s four subsidiary valleys.

A winding toll road from Upper Zillertal leads up over 8 km and gradients of up to 15% to the Stillup Reservoir. This lies at an altitude of 1,116 metres above sea level and was built in 1996, covering a length of 2.5 kilometres.

The idyllic scenery of this valley invites hikers, walkers and cyclists to explore and there are a number of mountain lodges where welcome refreshments and Tyrolean specialities can be enjoyed.

Discover these stunning natural landscapes and experience the beauty Austria has to offer. This natural paradise begins just behind Mayrhofen....

Toll Road:

  • Car € 8,00
  • Motor bike € 2,50

A shuttle bus service operates from Mayrhofen to the Wasserfall Guest House as well as the Grünen-Wand Hut. Permission will need to be sought from the road owners if you intend to drive past the Stillupperhaus and on to the Grünen-Wand-Hut.

Daily mini bus shuttle service from the "Train station Mayrhofen" to the reservoir (from circa mid-May).
Daily mini bus shuttle service from the Europahaus to the Grüne Wand Hut (from circa mid-May).

Transport timetable

Hiking destinations in Stilluptal:

  • Grüne-Wand-Hut 1.438 m
  • Kasseler Hut 2.178 m
  • Stillupperhaus 1.194 m
  • Wasserfall 1.130 m

Tux Valley

Day trip destination tip: Visit the Hintertux Glacier in the Tux Valley, Austria's only year round ski resort
© TVB Tux-Finkenberg

The valley of Tux lies at the rear of Zillertal in Tirol, Austria and is the western-most of the subsidiary valleys.

The Tux Valley is a well developed subsidiary valley in the Zillertal Alps Nature Park  approx. 15 km long. The Tux Valley is home to the five districts of Hintertux (1,500 m), Madseit (1,385 m), Juns (1,360 m), Lanersbach (1,300 m), Vorderlanersbach (1,300 m) and the municipality of Finkenberg (840 m), from the beginning of the valley, to its end.

This steadily rising valley leads initially to the west, then arcs in a southwesterly direction to the majestic glaciers, the Gefrorenen Wand (3.288m) and Olperer (3.476m), which can be accessed using the Zillertal Glacier Lifts.

More information:


Schlegeis is the largest reservoir in Zillertal. Zemmgrund is work visiting alone for its incomparable mountain panorama.
© Paul Suerth

The idyllic mountaineering village of Ginzling can be found in the Zemmgrund Valley, The village lies at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level, nestled amongst the majestic backdrop of numerous three thousand metre peaks.

From here, a 16 km long winding road leads along the valley bed and the banks of the Zamser River, eventually ending at the  Schlegeis Reservoir.

Fascination of Nature and Technology
Once at the reservoir, the imposing construction work will simply take your breath away. With a "double curved" dam wall 725 m in length and 131 m high, the Schlegeis Reservoir is one of the largest reservoirs in Tirol and Austria and yet fits in harmoniously with the beautiful natural scenery of the Nature Park of the Zillertal Alps.

Hiking destinations in Zemmgrund:
Alpenrose 1.875 m, Karlsteg 897 m, Berliner Hütte 2.040 m, Leitenhof 1.050 m, Breitlahner 1.257 m, Maxhütte 1.445 m, Dominikushütte 1.805 m, Olperer Hütte 2.389 m, Friesenberghaus 2.498 m, Pfitscherjochhaus 2.276 m, Furtschagelhaus 2.295 m, Rosshag 1.096 m, Grawandhütte 1.640 m, Schlegeis Restaurant 1.785 m, Greizerhütte 2.227 m, Steinbockhaus 1.380 m, Innerböden 1.301 m, Tristenbachalm 1.177 m.


Toll Road:

  • Motorbike: € 8,50
  • Car for 5 p. € 12,50
  • Coach passsengers: € 3,20 p.p.


The Valentin Chapel in Zillergrund is a popular destination for walkers in the Zillergrund, in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region, Zillertal.
© Andrea Egger

The Zillergrund is the most easterly of the four "Inneren Gründe" with a length of approx. 25 km and extends from the Austro-Italian border to Mayrhofen.

The Zillertal Valley originates in the Zillergrund, lying at the foot of the Zillertal Alps Nature Park.

The rear of the Zillergrund is called Zillergründl, which is also home to a reservoir that goes under the same name. The valley begins at Heiliggeistjöchl (Holy Ghost Peak) at 2,658 metres above sea level and ends in an easily accessible wooded ravine near Mayrhofen.

Flurnamen Trail
The inhabitants of this valley have also given various names to the environment in which they live. These tell a great deal about the history of the valley and the lives if its people then and now.

Summer Opening Times:
Zillergrund Alpine Road: 21st of  May - Mid October

Hiking destinations in Zillergrund:
Klaushof 1.040 m | Bärenbadalm 1.450 m | Einkehr zum Adlerblick 1.900 m | Häusling 1.050 m | In der Au 1.269 m | Hohenaualm 1.863 m | Plauenerhütte 2.363 m

Toll Road:

  • Car    € 8,00
  • Motor bike    € 4,00
  • Coach passengers per person    € 1,00

Public bus service without Z-Card:
Mayrhofen - Bärenbad incl. toll € 5,90 (one way)
Mayrhofen - Häusling incl. toll € 5,00 (one way)

Visitors with a Z-Card only have to pay the toll fee:

  • € 0,50 (single)
  • € 1,00 (return)
    Bus from Bärenbadalm to the reservoir*:

It is possible to take a bus from Bärenbadalm to the dam wall of the Zillergrund reservoir. 

  • Adult single: € 3,60 - Adult return: € 7,20

 *This section of the bus journey is not covered by the Z-Card. The fee charged is your fare, not the toll!

Umweltbonus - Zillergrund

The Zillergrund Environment Bonus is being offered again in 2018. From a fare of € 2.00, passengers will receive a voucher for € 1.50 (children's bonus € 0.75). This bonus voucher can be redeemed in the following guest houses against bills amounting to no less than € 6.00/pers.:

  • Alpengasthof Klaushof
  • Alpengasthaus Häusling
  • Alpengasthof In der Au
  • Bärenbadalm
  • Alpengasthaus Adlerblick
  • Plauener Hut


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