The perfect moment

Thomas Eberharter is always chasing the perfect moment. The Mayrhofen-based photographer is self-taught and lives off his exceptional talent.

When light changes from one moment to the next, are the fleeting seconds that mean the world to Thomas Eberharter. The smallest change in the sun can have a decisive impact on his work. The 41-year-old is a professional photographer. Self-taught, he lives off his passion. The native Mayrhofer taught himself everything he needs to know. ”I was a professional snowboarder for twenty years and worked with many excellent photographers back then. I realised early on that you only get better results when you work in close cooperation with the photographers, which piqued my interest in the art of photography. So I worked on acquiring the necessary expert knowledge, on which I continue to build”.  Tom acquired his professional business license several years ago and has his own studio, which he operates under the name of Beckna-Foto. Tom is a mountain fanatic, an adventurer, full of life. Someone who can only stay still for as long as it takes to snap a picture. He is currently building a new house for himself and his family in Mayrhofen. ”I use to travel for nine to ten months a year, but now I’m putting roots down in Mayrhofen“.

Be diverse

What the 41-year-old finds particularly attractive – both privately and professionally – are the four seasons that unfold so beautifully throughout the Zillertal Valley. He enjoys taking photos of the region. “I like autumn and all its wonderful colours“. Talent and having fun are important in Tom’s job, but good planning is an absolute must. “Photography is very diverse. There is sports photography, landscape photography, tourism photography, etc. Everyone said to me, ‘You should specialise’, But I didn’t“, laughs Tom. He doesn’t have a favourite subject, he likes to photograph everything. His previous vocational training is of great benefit: “I am a trained tourism manager. My qualifications and eye for photography fit well together. My clients are mainly tourism enterprises. It is always fascinating in Zillertal because we have a great deal of three and four star hotels and guesthouses. It is interesting to present them in their best light“.

Light and shadows

Tom also makes films, for which he usually uses a drone. ”I specialise in this type of photography“. Being a photographer is not just about taking pictures: “You have to be able to market yourself well, calculate quotes and do your own bookkeeping“. As a professional, you need to be the master of many trades. Does Tom see himself as an artist? Maybe a little. “You have to be able to use the light and find the right vantage point. That is a kind of art form”, he says with a smile.

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